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avatar Helena

So true about almost 100% of an A grades at theirs. Look at my paper! My essay looks incredible! It is truly awesome to agree that such resource like Trust my paper are over there and help you every day.

avatar Elizabeth


Absolutely a Scam! Waited 2 weeks for an essay which did not even have proper English sentences. Worst experience ever!

avatar Leonor

How do I go and chat with the writer? Can I do it myself or I need a customer support?

avatar Hanna

I was afraid of using academic writing services. I thought that I can be cheated. It is real luck that I used this team. Thanx for being faithful and professional. Good luck!

avatar Marcus

Hundreds of thanks for your support, understanding and writing help. Your company was friendly to me and provided me with just exactly what I needed. Respect +

avatar Stephanie T.

Stephanie T.

I don't like that they don't allow communication with the writer. When everything should be transmitted through a third party there is a huge possibility of misinterpretations.

avatar Liza Barrows

Liza Barrows

Pure Scam! They've emailed me a paper that was COMPLETELY copy-pasted from the web and was full of grammatical errors. Seriously, guys, you are better off doing the work yourself.

avatar Jeremy

Just enter chat and ask. CSRs will explain everything. These chat window is there every 5 seconds..seems to me.

avatar Jeff

Hey, Henry! I read their policy. Do not worry. All info is a secret))

avatar Kimberly


Awful service and looooow very low quality of writing. Please believe me and never cooperate with them. They didn't meet the deadline. So in 7 days instead of 2000 words they send me 500 words essay, and then wrote they didn't notice it should be 2000. I gave them additional 3 days (no discount for this) then they submitted a paper which was very very basic, repeating the same idea all the time , so just filling 2000 words. Without connection between sentences, some of them even didn't have endings. I requested refund, and they gave only 50% refund , so I paid $60 for nothing. Really for NOTHING. - no good ides - no academic level - no service - NOTHING , just cool way to earn money Please don't rely on them