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avatar Amya WowEssays



Their customer support are friendly and accommodating. Their writers need to work on themselves though,

avatar Jordy AllAssignmentHelp

I didn’t ask them to offer their services to me for free so I do not deserve any form of rudeness from any writer.

avatar Bettie

The quality I got was very very poor if I'm being honest…and it's unacceptable

avatar Queen

They would do well with better writers. They offer a wide range of services but they don’t have great writers.

avatar Hammes

A large percentage of their writers are mediocres. I tried 3 writers including the one that "edited" my research papers. The so called edits and revision they made on my papers made no changed nothing.

avatar Demond

The writer kept his word. He promised to deliver quality and on time and he did.

avatar Kemmer

Disappointing. It’s sad because I was looking forward to using them continually for my other writing needs.