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avatar Rowe

I want my work done decently next time. It has to be original; what else am I paying for????

avatar Leatha

they were too slow to deliver and it's almost delibrate imo

avatar Mante

clients look for quality…. I came here for quality and I didn’t find it so we move on

avatar Xander

not the quality I was looking for. the writing looked so ordinary.

avatar Stamm

they need to do better. you can't collect people's money and think you can get away with delivery low quality writing.. It's just not acceptable.

avatar Bartholome


I didn’t get the high quality content that I was promised.

avatar Harber


I asked for an SEO article writer but the one I got didn’t know a thing about SEO

avatar Isaiah

I had faith in them but it's gone now with the low quality they delivered

avatar Moore

They should switch to "pay when you're satisfied with the work"… they shouldn’t get away with delivering low quality to their clients or customers.