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avatar Nicholai WritingUniverse



They are very attentive, professsional and skillful. They listen to you and deliver exactly what you ask of them.

avatar Valeria WritingUniverse



They are reliable. Much love for their incredible services

avatar Cortney

They communicated well and listened to all I had to say. They were really patient.

avatar Dominic

I hope their prices become more flexible in the future.. Because the rigidity rn discourages clients like me from giving them bulky and long term projects.

avatar Alisha


They didn’t carry me along througout the entire project.. If they did, the work wouldn’t have been this bad imo

avatar Garry

Until they improve their pricing and quality, I'll never see them as a top site.

avatar Liza

Plagiarism disgusts me and I hate that you guys plagiarised the essay you wrote and don’t try to deny it because I have proof

avatar Riccardo

Their customer support aren't available all the time. I had a tough time getting a response from them and that is not good enough.

avatar Sally


This is certainly not your best work.. You guys should be better than this.