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avatar Angelina


I don’t like a single thing about them… simply nothing.

avatar Wendy

You can't win customer loyalty with this kind of quality, it cant happen.

avatar Jamie

I fell for their 3 hours deadline when they actually mean 3's just shameful that they use this lame tactics to win customers and still fail to deliver.

avatar Justin

I didn’t get a native English (US) writer and it was evident in the way he wrote.

avatar Markus

I can't recommend them to anyone I know. I simply don’t approve of the way they write.

avatar Gary

Had issues with their pricing. The high fees is just not cool imo

avatar Irma


The only reason why I hired them in the first place was because I loved the way the website was structured and designed. But when it comes to quality, they are missing it.

avatar Tim

They waste client's time and leave them with nothing.