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avatar Nancy

the writer was clueless. There was no clear message in what he wrote and I had a hard time making sense of most of the things he wrote.

avatar Danny

They charge a lot already and still they include some other additional fees. It's extortion or whatever and it is shameful

avatar John

If I'm to score them…. It's a 100 for me. Well done guys.

avatar Brent

I'm kind of addicted to them lol. They are the only writing agency I use now and I they never disappoint

avatar Deborah


the only concern I have is with the pricing.. The fee they charge is too excessive. so not cool.

avatar Terri

the fee they charged was fair, I'll give them that. but the quality… nope.The quality was poor.

avatar Andrew S. MyHomeworkDone

Andrew S.


We thought we hired a pro for our blog site but we got an inexperienced writer instead. They lied to us and made us waste unrecoverable time and money

avatar Cynthia


Made an order in the morning and I got a response in the night. They were slow with responding and turnaround.

avatar Gordon

They missed the deadline but the quality they delivered was okay.