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avatar Maurice


They charge per page and the price is just too much. Reducing the price will make more sense imo

avatar Becker

they only offer low quality essays. Their writers have no experience in writing and it is evident in the work they do.

avatar Natasha

They are very fast and that doesn’t affect their quality because it is always top!

avatar Ed

I love that they included a money-back policy. It gives me peace of mind because I know I won't lose money especially when they start declining.

avatar Jarod

the customer service is a bad. they are a racists

avatar Beatty

Found it difficult to navigate through the site. Making an order was also very tough for me.

avatar Augustine


I find it hard to believe that people pay for their pathetic and awful services. I read their reviews and I do not understand how they still get customers...

avatar Marion WritingUniverse

Nice place. Found a good translation service through them

avatar Howell WritingUniverse

I had no time for an essay so used this site as a source for research. The only inconvenience is that they don't always provide informational sources as I obviously can't feature the website in my essay:)