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avatar Evelyn

That`s not how business is done, guys! I have been waiting for my order for almost 3 weeks though I don`t need it anymore as the deadline has already come and gone!

avatar Shea16


arrogant and irritating managers. didn`t like

avatar Lamont

I really think that this website is cheap and it never even occurred to me to ask for a discount.

avatar Helen

Together with a friend we ordered chemistry project to be done. The result was horrible!

avatar Nathan

Seems reliable but don`t trust them. Everything they want is to get your money. No guarantees you will ever receive your order.

avatar Joesph

Just another writing service. I really can't say anything special about them. That was my first time using them (I think) and I did so because it appeared in the top of my search. They are not bad and they are not outstanding by any means.

avatar Eleonore


My paper was late and I couldn't contact the writer. The supports answered quickly, found the writer and explained me what was going on. I'm looking to receiving the paper tomorrow. For now it looks OK, I'll write more later.

avatar Royce

I am not a writer so I took a chance on this site and all I could say is it worked for me and I will be using it again

avatar Jonathan


They didn`t look professional enough for me. I wasn`t able to find the needed support from their customer support department. I`m more likely not to use them again.

avatar Jonathan


I wonder where you have found such unfriendly staff. Is it a requirement of yours to be constantly rude to the customers? I don`t recommend this service.