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avatar Darrick


Their writers are not qualified writers. They shouldn’t be called writers in real sense.

avatar Wunsch

Tried a lot of services before them. Now I'm sticking with them because of their reliability.

avatar Kerluke


Regretted hiring them for my literature review. They didn’t do it well and also delivered days after deadline.

avatar Wolf

Their writers are vast and seasoned..they are knowledgeable about all topics. I love using them

avatar Constance


the very important reference page was missing. i need the reference page please. I might change the feedback after.

avatar Greenfelder


Using their services can be complex.. Making orders or searching services or writers can be pretty hard.

avatar Mina

their rate is not affordable, it is kinda unreasonable tbf. i won't speak of their quality since they lack it.

avatar Dagmar


I think they have a very small pool of writers.. It's the only logical reason to explain why they deliver non-sense and flawed writings.

avatar Yundt

They work fast I'd give them that.. But I hired them for quality not just speed.