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avatar Dalton

can't refer any of my friends or family here. Their services are awful.

avatar Darron


they just need to work faster and better. Their writers are professionals but just too slow to be regarded as worldclass.

avatar Coby

my bud referred me here. I used them once and I'm not planning on using them again

avatar Wellington


They were brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant..

avatar Fay

I got them by mistake and using them has been mistake for me too.

avatar Jacklyn

I rate them 1/10 and that’s me being kind.. They are just not good.

avatar Earnest


I look for efficiency in a writer and their writers aren't efficient.

avatar Madelynn


Didn’t enjoy using them. I regretted using them tbh

avatar Eusebio


The administration isn't professional, the writers aren't either.