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avatar William


Their website insults my perception of beauty as there is nothing imperial about their design! They use several fonts from different families and these fonts do not look good together! I study typography and looking at their website I'd say they don't know a thing about it.

avatar Jonas

Yeah, that’s a great website and the prices are also good. I use it from time to time as well as my friends.

avatar Elisa

Bad place if you are up to a good partnership. No skilled enough writers were found. Coupons on their site were off the due date.

avatar Muriel


To confirm and state it clearly - eduzaurus is not the best place to order any writing material. I placed many hopes for them, but all of their promises were broken.

avatar Clark

I needed a specific structure of my lab report but the writer, apparently, decided he knew better and followed the structure he used to. I asked for a revision but nothing changed much. And there only is one free revision available. Disappointed.

avatar Miley

Thanks for the help. My essay was quite okay. Of course, it could have been better, but I believe that for the price I paid it`s more than great.

avatar Moose

They got late with my biology research paper. I`m extremely angry! And I want full money back! You`re not getting out of the water dry this time!

avatar Mary

@Albert, they always revise your paper if you don’t like it for free as long as you don’t change the initial instruction….cause that would be too insolent

avatar Nead

Perfectly illustrated topic about the impact of homeless people on the high-class society. But, they didn`t include a bibliography, nor the summary pages (I did pay for them at the beginning though).

avatar James

The baby on the first screen of the website looks intimidating haha I don't like that they have their own formatting rules so, if I need other, they are likely to ignore my request (so many times writing services did, sigh). However, they are on the cheap side and it seems I'll be able to talk to the writer directly. I'm inclined to give them a try but probably will wait for some more comments on this service.