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avatar Alissa


Rapid and accurate service, after checked by them, it keep your personal touch

avatar Erik Gouveia

Erik Gouveia

Darn! Pass by this company! They never deliver what they promise! Poor quality and I sometimes think that they don't have editors.

avatar lina

Hi, does anyone know if they do a good job? I'm paying a lot and I want to be sure they are the right ones to do it. I would appreciate if you could tell me about your experiences with them, Thank you!

avatar Pen

CoolEssay isn`t a cool essay service. If you want to get accurate and normal help - go anywhere else but not here. No profits and no benefits. Disgusting.

avatar Mark

Unlimited amendments are definitely not about this service. I wasn`t satisfied with a few passages in my paper and asked to do them over. They refused to do it and at the end asked for a full price.

avatar Mette

They are pretty cool, I'm on a short leash with their customer support by now and they never let me down regarding deadlines. Sometimes they confuse pieces, when I place a bulk order. Sometimes they have typos or do not grasp a complete understanding of a topic. But everything is negotiable and they never left me unsatisfied.

avatar Isaac

I am really in two minds about this service. They seem to be professional but unfortunately, they don`t pay enough attention to what they are writing. And as far as I understand, there is no editor to correct mistakes afterwards.

avatar Hannah45


Guys do not use this site.Its becoming of the useless sites ever.

avatar George

Have anyone tried them for Doctoral projects? I want to place one but want to make sure they are worth trying... Thnx.

avatar Ada May

Ada May

The review for essay lib depicts their work just right. They are not serious about what they do!