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avatar Mr Dee

They edited the research paper I wrote in just one night, it only took them an hour or so (I was really tight on time) and it really helped!

avatar Brent

How can somebody NOT like this service? It is so time-consuming. I love it.

avatar Oliver

Many thanks for your help. Trustmypapers has the friendliest support team I ever talked to! They answered all of my questions and though they couldn't give me the service I was looking for, still they are great.

avatar Gregory

I like everything about their service, except maybe the delivery. They are sometimes late with the paper. But the quality is good, so you just need to remember to order in advance.

avatar Elise

They charge way too much for the quality they offer! Masterpapers is nothing more than a generic writing agency and I wouldn't order anything big like, say, a research paper here. They are fine for minor boring tasks. I mean would be if didn't pretend to be a luxury something.

avatar Pedro

This website is absolutely hilarious. Support team is the BEST!

avatar Helena


I am disappointed in the kind of services that I was given from their specialists. I would not recommend anyone to use this writing place.

avatar Josseff


Failed dissertation proposal. I will never ever again to try to work with them!!!

avatar Rose

Only for urgent writing tasks when you need to submit at least something. Not for quality academic assignments.