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avatar Oli

Nothing outstanding. Sometimes you can get poorly written essays, sometimes you get fine essays. Like with other services I guess..

avatar Nikole

Failed dissertation proofreading! What a waste of my money and waste of waiting (the time!!!).

avatar Arianna MyHomeworkDone



Average. That`s all I can say about this service. I wasn`t impressed with the quality they provide not with their approach towards customers. Can be used in most desperate situations.

avatar Eva

Don`t expect any "custom-written" texts from them. Only carefully rewritten pieces from wikipedia. No citations, no examples. In short, not recommended for quality academic writing.

avatar Penelope JustDoMyHomework



They somehow forgot about my home task in Chemistry. That`s all you need to know about this service.

avatar hrm

I recommend you not to deal with them, if you assignment is something about solving 2+2 still don't trust them to complete this task, they are rubbish

avatar Gen

I would not recommend this web to anyone! Their isn't any benefits to this web.

avatar Josh

This was the perfect experience! I enjoyed working with my writer, he delivered my work on time and followed all the guidelines about the referencing and contents. I am impressed with the quality, especially on such a difficult topic as "Phenomenon of Thatcherism and the coal crisis in the UK".

avatar Oleh

Non-profitable and a bit expensive to ask them for some writing help.

avatar Alexa MyHomeworkDone

Amazing website and terrible, absolutely useless service that cannot be trusted.