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avatar Simona

It's a con. They only survive by ripping tutors and parents off.

avatar MAX

Clubztutoring is just ok. You can find a tutor and interview him.

avatar Tee

Good papers but my last 6 papers i ordered were more then 5 hrs late.

avatar Yo Amo

Yo Amo

Don't make an account on Studypool An honest opinion and true to detail. This site is a fake and most of the tutors are fake and are only shown to show that this site has some traffics some tutors like me who are unaware of this fact make an account on this site and waste their time. I had seen a video on youtube how this site promotes fake tutors and manages to produce fake comments on the timelines of the fake tutors to make it look genuine. Now let me tell you my story I had bid for a question around 20$ and was happy that it got selected and then I answered the question the time I marked the answer as final the payment was cleared instantly no doubts asked no clarification.This raised my suspicions about the website but I trusted it anyway and tried to withdraw my amount.The amount was withdrawn from the account. For 5 days I kept asking them when I will get my money they sent me the same copy-pasted reply on 6th business when I asked them a clarification about this they said the transfer has been successful and they said me to cross check my account again i checked still the money was not there after a long discussion for few hours they have stopped responding.This site is a fake and you can search on youtube for that video rest I left for you to believe but this is a true review and I hope that it prevents someone's time by realizing it earlier than I was able to realize. Hope this helps.

avatar Leila

pricing is too high and quality of tutors and work is extremely poor. almost none of the tutors deliver on their promise

avatar Remi Smith

Remi Smith

Very difficult company to work with, proposed tutors who were not appropriate. BEWARE OF WORKING WITH THIS COMPANY. Refunds are impossible and poor work ethic. Should be reported to the BBB. All they want is your money, nothing else.

avatar William


These fake guys are group of scammers. They’re lie and never solve any of my problems. I paid $90.00 up to now no solution to my problem and everyone offline. Please do not do business with them. The real people will say don’t let them screw you up.

avatar ttt b.

ttt b.

They are meagres paying minute money. The head Sakshi & Gagandeep are losers who fool around with writers. They are thief's, who do not pay writers and put wrongful deductions & penalties. They are dumb asses who do not know a word of english. Losers, pick pocters,idiots and total jerks. I advise no one to work here. They are just waste of time.

avatar Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

The website is not maintained and broken. I have emailed them but have not got any reply from them

avatar Yaro


Bad experience. They don't deliver what they promise. Tutors are late, have no program to follow, only care to keep you longer to get more money. Mine gave me assignments I had no idea how to do and told me I'd do a better work remembering how to do it if I google it rather than he tells me.