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avatar Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

The website is not maintained and broken. I have emailed them but have not got any reply from them

avatar Yaro


Bad experience. They don't deliver what they promise. Tutors are late, have no program to follow, only care to keep you longer to get more money. Mine gave me assignments I had no idea how to do and told me I'd do a better work remembering how to do it if I google it rather than he tells me.

avatar Gerlinro Rosario

Gerlinro Rosario

I was truly disappointed by the customer service experience. The same thing happened to me after getting $69 ripped off my pockets. On top of the $69 I also paid for the minutes I used. This service is not for one time users. They don't care about your pockets.

avatar Nickky

It's my second time with this service, received papers on time, everything is fine. There were some issues I had to make adjustments to on my own but those are minor things. Overall, they work very good. Keep it up, guys!

avatar Lila

Expensive and not trustworthy. Not the best features of a writing company.

avatar Tristan

Appreciated the ability to contact the writer directly. But I wish it`d had some influence on the result. The paper turned out to be VERY poorly written, with some weird statements and without any real research done. Also, they somehow forogot to write a conclusion. I had to waste even more time trying to explain the order wasn`t complete.

avatar Clare

Got my completed paper on time. Haven`t read it yet but at least, it allowed me to spend my time on more interesting stuff than writing.

avatar Izabelle

I got lured into this company by their low prices but the game isn`t worth the handle. Quality is awful.

avatar Lily-Rose

Didn`t feel enough support from them. Had to contact them myself to ask for updates. When you have little time as a student, that`s super irritating..