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avatar Hellis

Hey! How do I check prices here? It's not good that I cannot see prices before placing my order(

avatar Kerie


It was hard to make sure they were writing all in an accurate way. I was 100% right when had a bad feeling of not trusting them. I don`t recommend any of you working with them, many disappointments instead of benefits.

avatar Marcus

Not super. Could have been better. Maybe next time it will?!

avatar Jefry

LOVELOVELOVE this company. I’m very extraordinary person and u surprised me! My essay was not a standard one-it reflected my inner world.

avatar Heather

I didn’t know how to create a project on Architecture. It was unreal to me. I think ur writers are something like Gods, because they can everything. Thnx, Gods)

avatar Helena

So true about almost 100% of an A grades at theirs. Look at my paper! My essay looks incredible! It is truly awesome to agree that such resource like Trust my paper are over there and help you every day.

avatar Elizabeth


Absolutely a Scam! Waited 2 weeks for an essay which did not even have proper English sentences. Worst experience ever!

avatar Leonor

How do I go and chat with the writer? Can I do it myself or I need a customer support?