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avatar Marion

It was easy to order from them but it definitely wasn’t easy to get my paper. I had to remind them about the deadline a few times and their support service ignored me.

avatar Jayden

I`m wondering why they are asking to pay so much for such poor-quality work. Plus, the support service is absolutely useless and know nothing about the services they offer.

avatar Eega

I placed an A grade coursework, the work was good but the recommendation section was written very short and that needed to be in detail. I opened an amendment request but I was shocked to find out that UKEssays wanted to charge me an extra £150 to get this fixed. So I left it. The work got an A- (70) which that part I have initially stated came back in the feedback as “The recommendations discussed was good but very concise.” I have placed many order with you guys and was going to place a Masters dissertation but since that experience I am going to find some other service which treat their customers with more care. You have lost a valuable customer.

avatar Honey

Well.... Can anyone explain me, WHY websites, like this one exist? It's absolutely useless! Am' not able to check anything without given my email. No prices, no support - NOTHING! How's that? (((

avatar Bethany

Totally loved working with you! The best experience with writing services I have actually ever had. Guys, if you need some ASAP help - they are your saviors!

avatar Ned

I got a discount for the first order but it didn`t cover all the time I spent editing this essay afterwards. Don`t recommend at all!

avatar Max

The worst experience ever!! I was not sure about should I make an order on uk essays due to overpricing I read the reviews in advance and the reviews were not so good, however I made an order because I had no other good alternative to that. I have paid for 70% and above mark, however after the marks were released I got 46%. I have requested a refund and they told me to provide the full information. So, I started to email them everything related to that assessment (the graded mark, the marking scheme, the submitted report, the turnitin report pdf, the feedback comments and the corrections pdf) those are all the things provided to students regarding this assessment. It took them a long time to reply and all they could reply was that they needed more feedback comments which explained why this report got this mark however the feedback which I send them was including this information and was the only feedback available on the website. I even screenshot everything to prove them that there is no more feedback, and they didn't even reply when I have approached them the second time. They guarantee you A so you pay at the maximum for a higher mark and then the report is soo bad that the official mark is not even a D its an E (46%). I requested a refund and provided all the information (even the screenshots), however I still didn't get it. I will start taking some legal actions towards uk essays later on this summer if I will not get refunded in the most soon time (£782)!

avatar Kathy

And you should not worry to miss something - they will always specify what exactly you need.

avatar Tatiana


Can't give you any reason to order work from Essayontime but can give you some not to do it! High price, delay in time, grammar mistakes, boring content! So as far as I can see only some reviews of this company worth trusting!