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When I was in college, I never dreamed I would be doing what I am today. As an English Education major, I saw my future as a teacher of English – I was that passionate about writing and helping students to become better writers too. I even did some tutoring and wrote some essays and papers for my fellow students at that time.

But I should introduce myself. I am Daniela and the leader of a team of three (myself included) that has found a way to help struggling students get the writing help they need. Let me explain.

I had two close friends in college – Chris and Diana. We were English majors together. I went into teaching online English courses, Chris became a freelance writer, and Diana became an online English tutor for Chinese students.

But we stayed in touch. One of the things that bothered me a lot was the increase in online academic writing companies that were just plain bad. And I knew students were wasting their money by using them. As I talked with Chris and Diana about this, we decided we could put our heads together and develop a website that would give students the “straight skinny” on as many writing companies as possible. Thus, Top Writers Review was born.

Our Mission

Here, our primary mission is to dig deep into online writing services, one-by-one, and provide factual, objective information about them to students who visit our website.

Time to meet the other team members.

Daniela McVicker

Daniela M.

Chief Editor

Chris K. Mercerr

Chris M.


Diana B

Diana B.

Support Manager



Chris is the resident researcher. When we decide to review a writing service, he sets about investigating every piece of information he can find. He uses the same criteria for all evaluations, to be fair and objective:

  • All of the information housed on the company’s website. He reads every word of every page, looking for the types of offered products and services, policies and procedures, guarantees, pricing and other benefits, and information about the company’s writers.
  • If available, he reviews samples of writers’ work posted on the website.
  • He puts out a call to visitors of our site who have used the company to provide their comments and feedback. Many times, there are already posts and discussions about a company before a review even begins.
  • He then combs through the web, looking for mentions of the company – social media, forums, consumer review sites, etc.
  • Once the data is gathered, Chris consolidates it all and writes up a full summary.
  • The three of us read Chris’s summary and, together, give a numerical rating in each category.


Diana is in charge of one of our key resources – our blog. She maintains it by regularly posting articles that are of current and relevant interest to students. She chooses article topics based on the following:

  • What issues and concerns are students discussing on social media sites?
  • How are contemporary issues impacting students - things like student loan debt or the impact of the pandemic on the switch to new educational delivery models?
  • What are the topics of student blogs at large and small universities?
  • What are the big issues that students face as they try to write their essays, papers, and other coursework assignments? What strategies and tips can we give them?
  • What personal and life skills will students need once they enter the job market? These are changing rapidly.

Me, Daniela

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I maintain the website, look for additional resources to add to our repertoire, and act as a customer support agent, responding to questions or issues.

New In Our Team - Dr. Shirley Kaczmarski

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With a Bachelor’s degree in English and education, I began my career teaching high school English. I then earned two Master’s degrees, in English and educational administration. Shortly thereafter I became a high school principal and went to work on my Ph.D. Having received my doctorate in educational curriculum and instruction, I left public education to teach at the college level. At two universities, I taught English composition and undergraduate educational theory and practice courses, over the course of 10 years. During that time, I also served on numerous dissertation committees for graduate students during the completion of their culminating projects. Currently, I serve as a consultant to public school districts, providing professional staff development workshops and seminars on best educational practices. Along the way, I achieved a lifelong personal ambition to write a novel, and it was published in 2016.

There You Have It

We are passionate about writing, and we are passionate about giving students the tools they need to be successful in school. We think we have the right model to do this.

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