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What is

We represent the review platform for college students that explores academic assistance services that offer essay help online. We go through the entire process as the customers and then analyze the results to provide you with an unbiased opinion. Adding a mixture of online reviews and analysis, we want to help you stay safe! 

Why was started?

This project has been started by three English majors with an intention to provide students with fair and detailed reviews of various essay writing services online. Using our professional background and skills, we want to help people choose only those services that are safe to use. You can read more about our history at About Us page.

What can offer me?

We aim to help you make a final decision and avoid those services that are not safe to use. Turning to our trusted reviews of writing services and those companies that provide free or paid college essay samples, you can help rate a service, leave a comment, and learn more by reading our useful blog posts. Combining our user experience together, we can definitely make things safer for each other!

How does differ from other review platforms?

We provide only fair and honest reviews that are based on our experience and the testimonials that we have discovered online. We do not promote any writing services and our ratings are based on specific orders that we have tested based on several aspects like originality, grammar, quality, and timely delivery. We also listen to your feedback as we form our opinion.

How do you calculate your final review's score?

When we provide our final score (from one to ten stars), it is based on a weighted average that involves our order's experience, user reviews online, and the individual ratings of every person in our team. As we do our best to write an accurate review of some company, we focus on what they provide, what they promise, and what is the real thing, their support team, price and quality, usability, and website features. Most importantly, we always check things in terms of plagiarism ratio.

Do websites have any control regarding which reviews they would like to appear among your site’s content?

No, all our reviews are solely based on our experience and are written by our team. We start each review just the same way as you would by becoming a customer with a real-life task that must be done on time. It helps us to stay in your shoes and make a sincere evaluation.

The has rated a company unfairly. Could you explain your decision, please?

In truth, it is not only our personal experience with a placed order that makes us rate a certain company in this way or another. See our process reply above to determine how we calculate our review score, which can also be understood by taking a look at the review in question. Our final score contains the feedback from our visitors, our personal evaluation, and the testimonials found online. 

How do I know that the companies are not the ones who have submitted evaluations for their businesses?

Our team implements several security techniques to prevent any possibility of fraud activity. It includes complex algorithmic processes and the manual processing of every line of text or media content. Once we spot any illegal or biased writing, it is being removed.

Do you get paid by the websites to provide them with better ratings?

No, it is against our policies and we never turn to such activities. has been created with an only aim to help college students to remain safe from scam and make their decisions based on a detailed review. We do our best to keep within the highest ethical standards as we provide our reviews.

How can I write a review of a certain service?

First of all, find the company that you would like to analyze for your review. You can do so by using our search panel or looking through the list of companies that we have already reviewed. Once done, simply click on the "Add a Review" button. Follow our instructions in the review form and submit your information.

I have posted a review of a company, yet it did not show up on your website yet. Can you assist?

If you have posted it like three or five hours ago, you have no reason to worry! We usually take up to 48 hours to check things before we do any publishing. If you have not seen your post published after a 48 hours period, it means that your review must have violated one or more of our site's policies.

I have written a review of the company in the past, yet my opinion has changed since then. Can I update my feedback and change the review?

Of course, you can! Make sure to write an update and talk about the changes by providing both original and updated opinions as that would be much better to explain your thoughts. Remember that you can change the rating when providing an updated review, too.