Privacy Policy

You can use in a variety of ways to search for academic writing assistance services either by the rating or by other categories, like price or delivery terms. You can also submit reviews outlining your experiences with such services. Additionally, you can contact us with your questions or concerns regarding the aforementioned services.

While using our website, you may be required to provide your personally-identifying information. Please, read this document carefully to use it for further reference in the future before submitting any kind of personal information. The following document outlines in detail the ways we can use that information, how we store it, and keep it safe.

This document covers the following:

  • Information we collect and store

  • How information is used

  • Authorized access to information

  • Concerns for children’s privacy

  • Use of cookies from third parties and other technology

  • Steps taken to protect you personally-identifying information

  • Ways you can access the information on this website

  • Use of non-U.S. visitors of this website

  • Contacting regarding the privacy questions or concerns

  • Information for California residents

  • Changes to this Privacy Policy.


Any information you enter on our website, including your phone number, user ID, email address, first and last name, or password information is collected and stored at all times. Whenever you sign in to our site using Google, Facebook, or other social media platforms, the information found on those platforms that you authorize us to access is collected and stored as well. Additionally, the information that identifies your personal preferences, including the services you claim you have used, liked, or disliked is also collected and stored.

You have the right to not share any information described above or share it selectively. In order to communicate with the administration of this website and the company, as well as other users on this website, receive emails, or submit reviews, you must enter the personal information requested.

Regardless of what information you enter, your privacy is protected by limiting the information displayed about you on this website. As such, while submitting a review, your last name will be obscured, while your location information may be shown. If you submit other content, you will be contacted regarding how you would like to be identified.


The information about your use of this website, including your personal information, your behavior on this website, and your preferences may be collected by various advertisers, application developers, and other third parties. They collect such information by using cookies, web beacons, and other similar tracking means for various purposes, including advertisement targeting and ad campaign adjustment to offer you the content the mentioned third parties believe are relevant to you.

The data collected by these third parties can only be transferred between them. This information may also include data collected from different websites and platforms, representing your online activity over an extended period.

The means, manners, and purposes of personal data collection by the third parties are beyond the control of TopWritersReview and we do not hold any responsibility for this process. In case if you are concerned about the targeted advertisement, posts, or any other content you see on the internet, please, contact the advertiser directly. You have the complete right to limit or forbid the collection and use of your personal information by third parties.


TopWritersReviews reserves the right to collect any personal information about our users from third parties and outside sources. In cases when you enter our website by clicking on a corresponding advertisement, blog post, other third-party content, some of your personal information may be sent to us. This information helps us to improve our services for you.


The information about your device and visit is collected whenever you visit our website. Such information may include but is not limited to your IP address, the time you entered the website and the time you left, the address of the website you were on before you clicked on the link leading to our website, and the type of device you used. This information is collected using web beacons, cookies, and other similar means. When using a search engine to find and enter our website, we may collect the information about your search request

The information described above is described to provide you with the best user experience possible. For instance, if you use our website on your phone or tablet, it will be presented with a layout adjusted specifically for such mobile devices. Additionally, by using the information we collect about your preferences and behavior, we adjust the advertisement displayed on our website to show you the most relevant content that corresponds with the information we collect about you.

To collect all data, we use the following technology:


Cookies are the files that are sent to your computer or device automatically for the websites you visit to remember your preferences. This technology is used on almost every website. You can block the use of cookies and data tracking, however, your experience of using this website may be negatively affected. Whenever you do not block cookies, this allows our and other websites to set them up automatically to display the most appropriate advertisement for you. Flash cookies are used in places where information about your preferences and navigation is stored.

In addition to the information described above, we collect the cumulative data about our visitors and contributors. This data includes non-identifying personal information, which is used only for analytical purposes. It helps us understand who is using our website and in what ways which members of different demographic groups use it.

Any personally-identifying information is collected by us only on a voluntary basis. You may choose not to share it with us.


You can disable your behavior tracking and sharing of your personal data (personally identifying and non-personally identifying) by turning on the Do Not Track option in your browser. To enable this functionality of your particular browser, please, consult its help section.


The information you provide or allow to be shared is used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to our communication with you, publishing of the materials and content you submit, and grant you access to the parts of our website reserved for specific users. Additionally, the reviews and content submitted by other users are used by us to define the quality of our ratings of the academic writing assistance services.

The information you enter on our website may also be used to resolve disputes, troubleshoot issues, or to follow you up regarding any particular issues. This may include technical issues on our website.


We reserve the right to share the information you provide with any other entity. These may include but are not limited to marketing consultants, advertisers, customer service agencies, and data analytics organizations. Your information may also be shared with the companies that provide such services as information security and fraud prevention. Any third parties that we share your information with are obliged to use it only for the purposes they are hired for by contract. None of them is allowed to share that information with any individual or entity and retain that information after they finish their work.

Your information may be shared with lawyers, courts, and law enforcement officials whenever required. This can be done only in cases when we receive a court order, a subpoena must protect our business against legal action or other activity, or in an attempt to prevent any criminal activity or fraud. In cases when we believe that such requests may damage our business, we will gather and utilize all available resources to legally object to that request.

In case if TopWritersReview is purchased by another individual or entity, all information collected by the company on this website will be provided to the purchasing party and other individuals or entities who need to complete the ownership transfer.


Any reviews you submit to our website become the intellectual property of TopWritersReview. We reserve the right to display any content you submit on our website, regardless of whether you choose to remain an active user of our website. None of the published reviews will contain personally identifying information about you. All your personal information may be stored on our private servers and used for auditing and record-keeping purposes only.


All information you provide us with is provided only on a voluntary basis and you are not obliged to do so. You do not have to share your personally identifying information and you can customize your browser to prevent non-identifying data collection.

Additionally, you can opt to unsubscribe from any promotional or informative emails at any moment or not to subscribe to them in the first place. You can also inform us if you do not wish your information to be used beyond sharing it with third parties, unless necessary to maintain an operational website.


We do want to protect your privacy. At the same time, we must maintain the integrity of all the data we collect and store. While there is no way we can guarantee complete privacy and security of your data, we make the following effort to come as close as possible to that.

  • We limit access to all information and only those who are authorized to monitor and use this information have access to it.

  • We use antivirus software and firewalls.

  • We frequently conduct security audits.

  • We address data security software and IT consultants.

  • We physically limit access to any computer systems.

  • We use intrusion detection software and constantly monitor any unauthorized access.

  • We use encryption technology whenever we collect, store, or use particularly sensitive information. 


Please, note that whenever you access our website from outside of the United States of America, the information about you is stored on servers within the United States, nevertheless. This information can be transferred, processed, and accessed by the United States. This means that we are able to operate with this information in accordance with regulations that might be stricter than in the United States. Despite this, however, we hereby acknowledge that we make as much effort to protect your privacy as possible.


Pursuant to section 1798.83 residents of California may request to disclose information to them about our ways and purposes of sharing their information to third parties who use this information for direct marketing. If you are a resident of California and wish us to share such information with you, please, contact us. 


This document outlining our Privacy Policy can be changed by us for any reason without prior notification. To inform our visitors and users, we will make a reasonable effort, such as placing a temporary message on our website. We cannot guarantee that the message will reach everyone intended, however. We encourage our users to check this document regularly for any changes. 


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or questions, please, contact us by submitting them to our contact form.