Our Mission

The members of TopWritersReview have different genders, ethnicity, and spheres of interest, but we share the same mission. We all strive to provide honest and transparent reviews of academic writing firms, as well as of similar educational services. This process is fraught with potential difficulties, which is why we apply extra effort to follow ethical guidelines and correspond to standards of professional evaluation. Helping our readers make informed decisions is our primary goal; it is a source of passion and determination that keeps us motivated to cover as many firms as possible and deliver accurate results to you.

Accuracy and Accountability

Firms that offer academic services change with alarming speed. The best company today can become the worst company tomorrow; a new agency might have the most experienced writers, while the oldest one can suddenly fall from its pedestal. We seek to provide only accurate information, so to stay up-to-date, we keep track of all these nuances.

Our team carries the responsibility of doing thorough research and fact-checking any information that ends up on our platform. Getting feedback from students and other readers plays a tremendous role here: with your help, we update our reviews and do repeated evaluations. If there are any flaws in our material, we instantly correct them to reflect the immediate reality. This ensures accuracy and generates a bigger value for you, especially when it comes to your future decision-making.

Editorial Independence

Another vital component behind the creation of honest reviews is independence. Our team is not affiliated with the companies we assess. We are committed to keeping our content unbiased and presenting it to you from an objective perspective. We share facts, and you decide what to do with them.

TopWritersReview doesn’t accept any inputs from sponsors or advertisers: all editorial materials are transparent and aim to meet your interests. We work for you from the angle of authenticity, and any promotional content you might find on our site is clearly defined as such. When visiting us, you’ll receive only genuine recommendations.

No Pay-for-Play

We do not accept any payments in exchange for our reviews. If our team members deem a company worthy of recommendation, it means that they liked it and that it met their professional expectations. In turn, if they encounter problems, they will describe them in detail and advise readers against hiring this firm. No gifts, money, or other forms of compensation can change our opinion — we do not engage in pay-for-play arrangements. In fact, every employee is legally obligated to report any attempts at bribing us to managers right away. Transparency is everything, and our policies reflect it.

Fairness and Objectivity

Bias can take different forms, and to combat it, we cooperate only with reliable experts who know how to stay objective regardless of the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if the company we’re evaluating is an academic giant or a small start-up. It might have an excellent reputation among clients, or it might be universally hated — it won’t change a thing because we follow facts and personal experience, not someone else’s impressions. Our team has a list of specific criteria that we stick to in every review, which ensures a standardized approach and effective collaboration between the reviewers. As a result, we provide balanced and informative opinions that are based on our grounded observations.

Transparency and Disclosure

There are no random people on our team. If someone joins us, this person knowingly commits to transparency in the process of their work. In case someone has personal connections with a service they are reviewing, they must alert managers about it immediately. When we want to share content from our partners or advertise something, we make it clear to our visitors. Nothing is hidden: you see what you get, and when we write our reviews, we explain how we arrived at our conclusions. You have a chance to watch what affected and informed our opinions step by step — transparency is tightly entwined with each of our actions.

Respect for Privacy

The content you find on TopWritersReview does not breach anyone’s privacy. We understand how important confidentiality is and how much it means to individuals and firms alike. To confirm our respect, managers implemented the strongest privacy rules that govern all our work processes. If our visitors leave their feedback, advice, or criticism, we do not disclose their contact details. During reviews, we share only publicly available information. If we stumble upon personal details about managers, writers, or other employees of firms we’re evaluating, we never share them with anyone. Even in cases when there are some facts we’d like to reveal, we collect the personal agreement of the parties involved first. If these parties do not issue their agreement, the information stays secure. We never infringe on anyone’s rights.


Ethical principles are a constant part of the work processes that take place in TopWritersReview. We evaluate a large number of different academic services with the goal of sharing our insights and revealing if a specific firm is worth hiring. Preserving the trust of our readers as well as respect for each other is essential: this is why we developed clear guidelines that help us do our work without compromising our values. Any sensitive information we encounter stays secure; our reviews are authentic, and they are created by people who have no connections with the companies they’re assessing. Becoming your favored source of unbiased information about available academic services is our major aim, and we do everything in our power to achieve it.