How to Cheat on Homework and Not Outsmart Yourself?

Is homework becoming overwhelming? You should know that you are not alone and should not feel that you are failing as a student. There are lots of reasons why homework piles up:

  • You have taken on a course load that may be just too rigorous – all heavy courses not balanced by easier ones that will be less demanding.
  • Time management issues. Lots of students struggle with managing their time, and then they end up with too many assignments to finish on time.
  • Some students have lots of other obligations – family, jobs, and such. Sometimes homework just has to get pushed aside.

The temptation to find ways to cheat on homework is great. And why do students cheat on homework? For the three reasons listed above, all of which will result in lower grades. And those grades affect GPA's, which in turn affect school success, which in turn can affect career possibilities upon graduation. The pressure to get good grades is real.

What if we could tell you that there are some ways to avoid some of those homework assignments that you are dreading? Actually, there are, and we can show you how to get away with not doing homework, especially those assignments you dread. Here are some great options.

Homework Apps

There are “homework cheater” apps out there – a huge number of them, actually. If you are struggling with math problems, for example, you can just upload them to an app and get your answer almost immediately. This may seem great at first, but what happens when you have to perform the same type of problem on a test? Unless you were provided the process of solution, along with an explanation, you are sunk.

This isn't to say that there are not homework helper apps for you out there that will provide processes and explanation, but they are not free – those are the premium versions that require subscription payments.

If you are going to use an app that gives you answers to your homework, make sure that you understand how those answers were arrived at.

Website That Gives You Answers to Homework Problems

Just like apps, there are all sorts of websites that will help you escape doing homework. And many of these will have levels of help you can get. Many of them will offer a pay-as-you-go plan where you pay a certain amount for just getting an answer or solution. But they will also offer additional subscription plans that will actually put you in touch with an expert who will do your homework but also provide the explanations you need. The best online websites where someone helps do your homework will have experts in all fields of study, and you will be able to use them for more than just one problem or just one course. There will also be subscription plans, with plenty of options.

If you only want a website that gives you answers to homework, you will probably find plenty of options for free. Just think about what you really want, though, and choose accordingly.

How to Find the Best Online Websites for Homework Writing Assignments?

Getting answers and explanations for Math problems is one thing. But what if your homework involves essays and papers that you know you cannot finish in time? Where do you go for the best online websites for homework writing assignments?

The answer is academic writing services. These are companies that will offer to produce written assignments of most any type – essays, papers, book reviews, analyses, research summaries, case studies, and much more. The trick, of course, is to find the good ones, because there are lots of bad ones out there, just waiting for desperate students.

Here is where we can help. We have done the hard work of researching and assessing academic writing services. We use a number of factors in our evaluations, including all of the information the company publishes on its site, a full review of sample writings they post, their pricing structures, and more. What is most important, though, is what actual customers have to say about their experiences. These are not customers who appear in testimonials on the company websites. These are people we have found elsewhere on the web who have things to say about the companies we are looking at.

We provide a numerical rating on several categories of products and services, along with a full summary of what we found. Some of these categories include homework help in areas other than just writing because many of the good services offer that as well.

When we give an academic service company a high rating, it is because that company has met our stringent expectations. You can check these writing services out and then pick one that can handle any or all homework needs you may have.

Posted by Chris M., November 23, 2020

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