110 Dissertation Topics And Tips

If something does not inspire you when approaching research work, it will come out dull and weak. The same relates to available knowledge and preliminary analysis that helps to find something that has not been researched before. Coming up with a dissertation topic, final content must be something that you can support with due evidence and case studies. Even when you have several ideas ready, your academic committee might tell you to choose something entirely different, which is why it’s good to stay aware of various topics dealing with your subject.

Our dissertation topics guide is divided by popular academic fields, which will help you choose initial ideas. Start by choosing your closest discipline and narrow things down by making every word fit your thesis statement. Your dissertation project will take weeks or even months, which is why it is necessary to try alternate versions by playing with the order of the words before the final option has been accepted. Choose at least one sample dissertation topic from our list, then proceed with a list of keywords to identify your strong sides and highlight the research outcome. If you can match it with your thesis statement, it is a well-chosen topic. 

Choosing a Great Dissertations Topic 

Before starting with your dissertation, follow these tips that will make the project management stage easier:

  • Consult With Your Academic Advisor. Start by talking to your course advisor by discussing what you would like unless you already have a prompt. Avoid controversial topics or weak statements. Be bold and discuss things, yet do not do so when you cannot provide sufficient evidence. It’s always good if you may offer an outline of topics that can be reviewed by the university’s committee. 

  • Choose Subjects That Inspire You. Feel passionate about your dissertation topic ideas and provide several arguments that support your methodology. It can be either quantitative or qualitative methods depending on your course. College athletes may consider recreational medicine benefits. Nursing students may talk about stress management or theorists that motivate them. The most important is to find at least ten sources that support one’s main research argument. 

  • Narrow Things Down. Avoid too general dissertation topics because they can always be narrowed down by focusing on something specific. It is insufficient to say that global warming is a hoax as an example. It must be said “Global warming is always related to large financial transactions for campaigns that provide little to no information” instead. If coming up with clear ideas does not seem possible, consider the best writing services by approaching experts with your main idea or thesis topic. 

  • Select Unique Ideas. The majority of guides that tell how to pick a dissertation topic often mention that students should choose problems that have not been researched before. This statement is not entirely correct because it’s possible to choose another approach or bring in useful additions. It can be a different methodology or focus on another sample group. It will make your approach unique even if your topic is popular like weapon control or social distancing.

  • Consider Argumentative Topics. Your main thesis must be argumentative and competitive. When an average student deals with something that represents common knowledge, it becomes challenging to define what must be researched. Ask yourself about what your dissertation research represents and provide a problem in a clearer way. 

Remember about proofreading and style of dissertation subjects as you choose them because correct wording helps you persuade the academic committee. 

List of 110 Topics for Your Dissertation 

Here are academic research dissertation topics that you may implement as the starting points. Take your time to explore available topics and think over what sounds the best. 

Business Topic Ideas

Dissertation topics for business purposes may vary from CSR factors in current times to leadership styles and management strategies. Have a look at several ideas below as good starting points: 

1. Corporate Social Responsibility challenges during Covid-19. 

2. Business approaches bias during market investments in South America. 

3. The lobbyists do not represent policy-making actors in 2022. 

4. The dark sides of leadership strategies in organizations. 

5. Target-based online marketing in NGOs. 

6. The limitations of top executives regarding financial challenges. 

7. Male vs Female strategic control aspects in the UK. 

8. Pros & cons of social media management: sales platforms. 

9. The use of drones for increasing the safety of business conferences. 

10. Netflix ruling methods: monopoly or strict business guidance? 

Stick to your course as you explore existing problems. Come up with an outline of what interests you, then proceed with these dissertation topics above. 

Management Topics

Management represents complex topics, which is why a dissertation that deals with management often includes a case study foundation or the latest management methods. If you are unsure about your dissertation topic, consider these dissertation topics examples: 

1. Ethical Bias in Human Resources Management

2. Black Friday management strategy. 

3. Influencer Marketing on Instagram & Facebook. 

4. Customer-centric vs group management strategies. 

5. AI-powered tools in consumer purchase decisions. 

6. Brand loyalty in Asian markets. 

7. Coronavirus Outbreak & HR hiring. 

8. Leadership styles typical for Australia. 

9. Political management in the USA. 

10. Globalization management disadvantages.

Good management topics are ones that reflect strategic thinking and processes that can be improved. It lets one find relevant research outcomes by offering efficient solutions. 


MBA encompasses numerous dissertation topics ranging from entrepreneurs to communication styles and outsourcing. If something does not seem clear, consider the best dissertation services and look at these examples of dissertation topics below: 

1. What makes a good entrepreneur? 

2. Communication mistakes in the virtual workflow. 

3. Technology makes physical communication in small businesses worse. 

4. Reasons why outsourcing decreases production quality. 

5. Why do cultural differences make management methods stagnate? 

6. Social media marketing through the prism of global cooperation. 

7. Gender inequality in logistics. 

8. Surviving Covid-19 financial challenges. 

9. The ethical side of an advertisement on children's TV. 

10. Meeting the needs of modern stockholders.

When you are majoring in MBA, you have the freedom to analyze anything from ethics to social inequality. If it includes business methods, see what solutions can be offered. 

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Human Resources Dissertation Ideas 

These dissertation topics must be chosen based on human communications or social skills. It also stands for training and development, which helps to deal with such topics as: 

1. Working at home vs office work. 

2. Challenges of HR work online. 

3. How should AI management reinvent target employee groups? 

4. Staff training via free online courses. 

5. Cooperation & responsibilities in rural areas. 

6. Group projects dealing with personalization. 

7. Hiring processes during remote work. 

8. Stress management during video conferences. 

9. Bias in online marketing limitations. 

10. HR sorting methods as a driver of efficiency. 

Since the times of Covid-19 social distancing, HR subjects became totally different. See what changes and innovations took place since keeping your dissertation relevant guarantees being successful.


Marketing deals with getting one's message across, which is why having a look at competitive thesis topic examples is essential. It means that your choices should make the thesis statement clear by narrowing things down: 

1. SMM benefits related to intelligence services. 

2. Is marketing to children ethical? 

3. Old-time marketing methods in Asian countries. 

4. The most common drawbacks of marketing styles in 2022. 

5. Amazon strategies and customer satisfaction. 

6. Retention of customers: Nike case analysis. 

7. Marketing framework in the urgent environment. 

8. Chinese expansion and outsourcing. 

9. Composition of a corporate vision. 

10. E-marketing vs word of mouth styles. 

Think about SMM and digital marketing challenges by narrowing the most popular topics down. 


Dissertations on economics are one of the most challenging assignments, which is why it's essential to choose your topic correctly. Explore some of these dissertation topics below that offer variety and good ideas for your existing draft.

1. Financial stability and market performance relation. 

2. Antitrust issues and online privacy profits. 

3. Public enterprise vs private stock income. 

4. Issues of family economics in Cuba. 

5. Distribution of bank reports. 

6. Balance of payments in medium businesses. 

7. Monetary policy in China. 

8. Inequality in the banking sector. 

9. Online inflation. 

10. Why is the Bitcoin phenomenon dangerous for the economy? 

Dissertations dealing with Law topics use quantitative research or implement a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative methods. 

Dissertation Topic Ideas on Medicine

Since medicine might involve Psychology, Biology, Healthcare, and Chemistry, medical dissertation topics must be explored in greater depth. Check this thesis topic list below: 

1. Acute pain management in a sports environment. 

2. Psychological aspect of drug addiction treatment. 

3. Children and PTSD treatment methods. 

4. Critical management risks and autistic children. 

5. Mental factors related to dyslexia challenges. 

6. Primary glaucoma disease and hospital care limitations. 

7. Midwives and home hospital care dangers. 

8. Moral aspect of teenage pregnancy. 

9. Modern issues of occupational health. 

10. Injuries management among ER nurses. 

The importance of medical ethics cannot be underestimated even when brainstorming your research topic related to usual issues. 

Healthcare Topics

It stands for those subjects that may be not directly related to medicine since healthcare includes administrative concerns and the general system that must be analyzed. See what dissertation questions are brought up, identifying what thesis statement aspects are good to brainstorm: 

1. Illness prevention and injuries methods. 

2. Stress management among nurses working in remote areas. 

3. Preventing negative impacts regarding invasive sanitizing chemistry.

4. Optimization of prenatal rooms in the United Kingdom. 

5. Psycho-vegetative disorders history in the American West. 

6. Disabled people and remote rehabilitation methods. 

7. Adolescent mental health and ecological aspects.

8. Healthcare issues & negative attitude towards migrant workers. 

9. Clinical safety genetic markers. 

10. Language barrier in healthcare. 

Check twice with your advisor regarding your chosen subject because it may be adjusted. Working in a clinical environment, consider case examples first as you identify your research problem.


Legislation topics may involve not only court hearings or international disputes. As you explore our selections below, consider checking them for your future work as you brainstorm Ph.D. thesis topics:

1. Copyright disputes versus plagiarism in a business environment. 

2. An ethical aspect regarding lie detectors in criminal justice. 

3. How should child abuse victims be protected? 

4. Privacy issues and interrogation of minors. 

5. Racial prejudice in American prisons. 

6. Criminal laws in various religions. 

7. Death penalty: moral analysis. 

8. Legal protection of females in the workplace. 

9. Undocumented students: legislation challenges. 

10. Human rights laws: why they are not efficient. 

A successful Ph.D. dissertation topic should include the main title and subtitle since such an approach shows what kind of a problem you are exploring. Once some choice is made, consider adding legal documents and references. While some American universities will implement Chicago or APA formatting, British and Australian institutions may require Harvard format where dissertation topics must be justified in a short essay.

Natural Science Topics for Dissertation

It includes the study of animals, plants, astronomy, biology, and numerous environmental topics. It is not an easy task since the scientific approach taken must be clear like in these examples:

1. Global Warming hoax. 

2. Ozone layer depletion: empirical evidence study. 

3. Food preservation in the 19th century. 

4. Evolution theory in the animal world. 

5. Earthquakes prevention alert systems. 

6. Deep-sea mining dangers and falsification of existing study. 

7. Environmental degradation as the lack of proper academic studies. 

8. Changes of nutrients in plants. 

9. Antioxidants study: justification of stress prevention. 

10. Is Autism a biological aspect that should be explored? 

Your dissertation title must provide an ongoing process to show what kind of a problem will be researched. When dealing with biological aspects, consider including more than one discipline if you plan it for your dissertation.

Social Science

Dissertations on social sciences range from Education, Sociology, Political Sciences to Psychology, Culture, or Anthropology. Check some examples below if you are not certain about what can be chosen in this field. Check similar research papers as you choose a dissertation topic based on what is discovered.

1. The Black Lives Matter movement: controversies. 

2. Dangers of online dating versus physical interactions. 

3. Covid-19 anti-vaccination activists: what are their reasons?. 

4. How does consumerism happen in American society? 

5. Patriotism vs nationalism: red thread analysis. 

6. Spirituality and education: what should teachers keep to themselves? 

7. Single parenting bias in middle school. 

8. Internet communities and friendship aspects. 

9. Sexual assault victims recovery therapies. 

10. Facebook campaigns: dishonesty.

Stay respectful and sensitive as you choose social topics that may be understood differently. Avoid religion and politics if you are not ready to approach both sides of some issue.

Choosing a Dissertation Topic is Easy 

If you are in writer's block or require dissertation proofreader services, have no worries. Even bright students often cannot cope without additional help. Since dissertation writing takes time and effort, turning to experts in your field helps you learn how to write a dissertation on any topic. Providing assistance, writing companies also include a reliability check and analysis of your grading rubric. Even when you require help late at night, professional writing services are available 24/7. Place your order and let experts handle your challenges.

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