What Are the Best Excuses for Being Late to School? Check Out The List


Believable Excuses

These are the serious types and should be used with instructors who are very serious and do not have any sense of humor. If you are late often, however, you will need to keep track of which excuse you have used for each instructor, so you don’t repeat any.

  1. There was a bad accident, and I was stuck in traffic. (Of course, this doesn’t work if you live on campus)
  2. I was in a car accident and had to wait for the police.
  3. I witnessed a horrible accident, and people were injured. I had to call 911 and wait for the police since I was a witness.
  4. The power went out sometime in the middle of the night, and my alarm clock didn’t go off.
  5. My aunt (or any other relative) got really sick, and I had to drive her to the hospital.
  6. My dog died, and I had to bury him/her.
  7. My neighbor’s house caught on fire, and s/he had to run to my house to call 911. I felt I needed to stay at least until the police and fire trucks got there.
  8. I fell on the ice (winter, obviously), and really hurt my back (remember to limp and be slightly bent over.)
  9. I left my wallet (purse) and had to go back to get it – it has all my ID’s.
  10. Another student had a bike accident, and I had to help him get to the infirmary.
  11. My microwave caught on fire, and I had to make sure it was out before I could leave the dorm.
  12. My roommate is really sick, and I had to help her get to the infirmary.
  13. I got food poisoning and was up barfing most of the night, so I overslept.
  14. My roommates played a trick on me and turned all of my devices back an hour, so I thought I was actually early to class.
  15. I woke up thinking it was Sunday and went back to sleep.
late to school

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When Your Instructor Has a Decent Sense of Humor

Some instructors appreciate real creativity, and if so, here are some good excuses for being late to school.

  1. I let some Jehovah’s Witnesses in to get a glass of water, and I couldn’t get them to leave.
  2. I killed my roommate and had to dismember the body and bury it.
  3. My AA meeting ran late – sorry.
  4. I hit a car in the parking lot. By the way, don’t you drive a (describe instructor’s car)?
  5. I had to go to the infirmary, and I have lice.
  6. I had a panic attack over the financial crisis.
  7. I was on the phone with my mom. They are moving and not giving me a forwarding address.
  8. I had to go to the infirmary. The diagnosis is giraffe flu, but no one is sure if it is contagious.
  9. I was abducted by aliens last night, and they ran a bunch of tests. But they agreed not to suck out my brains and let me go just a little while ago.
  10. I fell back asleep in the shower.
  11. I saw Elvis and tried to chase him down.
  12. The FBI busted down my door and then discovered they had the wrong house.
  13. I was up most of the night having an argument with God.
  14. I was reading my textbook and got so engrossed I just lost track of time.
  15. A gang of ruffians grabbed me and made me go to Krispi Kreme for donuts.

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Excuses for being late

If you plan ahead, you can always come up with excuses for being late to school or class. Have your list prepared in advance.

Posted by Diana B., December 15, 2015

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