Choosing the Best Personal Statement Editing Services

A personal statement is a written work that you produce as part of your application to a master’s or doctoral degree program. In rare cases, undergraduates may be asked to provide such a document as well. Some scholarship programs also request a personal statement from students.

There Are Two Types of Personal Statements

The first is an open-ended statement. This is very much like a personal essay. Here, your goal is to share why you are passionate about your academic discipline, and what you have to offer the program. If you are applying to law or medical school, this is the type of you will usually write.

The second is a statement that involves answering a very specific set of questions. This is most common for B-school applicants. In fact, you may be asked to submit two or three separate essays answering more than one question.

Medical and Dental School Personal Statement Requirements

Since you’ll be writing a more open-ended essay here, it’s important to understand what you should include:

  • An experience or influence that makes you a good fit for your field.
  • Ways in which you are different from other applicants.
  • Your motivations for entering your specific area of specialization.
  • What you believe you can contribute during medical or dental school.
  • Work you’ve done in the field so far.
  • An explanation of any gaps or shortcomings.
  • How you fit into the culture of the school as well as the program.
  • Practical skills and experience you already possess.
  • Your career goals.

Residency Personal Statement Requirements

Your personal statement for a residency is a bit unique. On one hand, you’re still involved in an academic program. On the other, this process is more like applying for a professional position than applying to school. In this case, you’ll want to focus on the Electronic Residency Application Services. This is the tool/portal you’ll use to submit your residency applications. This includes your personal statement, which must be one typed page or less. Keep that in mind, however the information you provide will be similar to medical and dental school programs.

The Importance of Editing Your Personal Statement

As you can imagine, your writing can potentially become quite long. You have a lot of information to include, it’s easy to lose focus. Then there’s the issue of potential spelling and grammar mistakes. You’ll need editing help to ensure that your personal statement helps you get into the program to which you are applying, rather than works against you.

Professional Personal Statement Editing

Many students find it’s worthwhile to hire a professional. Here are some brief features of editing services providers:

Dental School Personal Statement Editing Services

  • Experience with dental school admissions.
  • Professional editing experience.
  • Ability to transform your story into a compelling text.

Medical Personal Statement Editing Services

  • Ability to edit with specific medical school requirements in mind.
  • Experience as a medical professional or in admissions services.
  • Attention to detail.

Residency Personal Statement Editing Services

  • An understanding of your medical specialty.
  • Flexible editing to meet the requirements of various residency programs.
  • Editors with admissions committee experience.

Final Thoughts: Finding Editing Services

Now that you know what you should look for in personal statement editing from the best online editing services, we can help. We have written and curated reviews of several editing services. Take some time to review these, and identify which companies are the best fit for you.