Top Resume Writing Services to Get the Resume You Deserve

A resume is very important, and you cannot afford to mess it up. Unless you’ve written a resume before, it’s hard to know how to complete it and what it should include. After all, we’re not born just knowing things – we have to see someone else do it, or we need someone to help us. Therefore, resume help is not unlikely to be needed.

Luckily, help is easily accessible nowadays, considering you can find most things on the internet. If you think you’re not able to write your own resume, then why not get some CV writing help from a professional service? It will all be much easier for you. Well, because we know the importance of a good writing service, we’re here to help.

Below you can find information on a resume and how to work on one, as well as some resume services reviews to get a better understanding of how these companies operate.

What Exactly Is a Resume?

It is a document where you should include various details about yourself, such as your education, credentials, work history, and other skills or things you’ve accomplished. A resume is usually requested by an employer when someone wants to apply for a job with that respective employer.

Resumes are not too long. Typically, they will have one page. In some rarer situations, it may have two pages instead.

These documents are so important because they are pretty much showing the hiring manager what your qualifications are for the job. Because of that, it needs to be written carefully and correctly.

Why People Need Top Rated Resume Writing Services?

People are looking for a good service or writer to work on their resume instead of doing it themselves, as they are scared they may mess up the document. Top rated writing services can do a great job at writing an outstanding piece that will impress an employer and increase your chances of getting the job.

Overall, people are looking for such sites because:

  • They think they don’t have the necessary skills for writing an impressive resume, and that if they wrote it, they would ruin it and decrease their chances for employment.
  • A professional writer knows what he/she is doing and will create the resume you desire without any issue. There are writers specialized in writing, and they can make sure you don’t hand in a bad resume.
  • It can be made pretty quickly before you have to apply for employment. This means you’ll have everything ready to be given to the hiring agent. It’s better than wasting more time struggling to write a resume.

How Is a Resume Written?

This document is written in a few easy steps.

  • The first thing done when preparing the resume is picking a format. There are three formats that you could choose from – functional, reverse-chronological, and combination. Each format is great in a way or another, and each one is unique and arranges the information differently. Formats also come with their pros and cons.
  • Contact information is given next on the resume. But the information one has to provide depends on the type of format they’re going with. In general, though, what needs to be included is the name, telephone number, mailing address, email address, LinkedIn Profile, and sometimes, a link to an online portfolio if the applicant wants. 
  • An introduction will have to be selected, one that will make a good impression by grabbing the attention of the employer. When it comes to choosing an introduction, the four main choices include a resume profile, a summary of qualifications, objective, and summary.
  • Relevant work experience will then have to be included, and this is the most important part of a resume. This allows the applicant to prove the skills they’ve gained and the experience they have with work.
  • In the next section, the applicant has to talk about education. This will show the employer how educated the applicant is, and thus how much knowledge they’ve gained through studying. The degrees held will have to be included where it applies, as well as the name of the applicant’s university, technical school or community college, schools’ location, graduation date, and GPA.
  • Proving the skills listed in the previous section will also be something necessary. After all, simply listing the skills doesn’t prove anything. This means one would have to prove their skills during the paper, skills such as Java development, software development, SEO, teamwork, trust, organization, open-mindedness, responsibility, or others.
  • If there are any, the awards, certifications, and honors obtained by the applicant should also be added in the resume to strengthen it.
  • The document has to be stylized in the end. This means selecting a font and size, adding strategic lines, and using effective margins.

As you can see, a resume can be pretty complex. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that people may need a resume writing website to do the job.

Looking for Trustworthy Resume Writing Services

What is the best resume writing service? That’s a difficult question to answer because there are just too many and whether one is the best depends on your preferences. A service can only be the best for a particular person, whereas another may not be pleased with what that service has to offer. Some may want a cheap service, for instance.

At the same time, others are looking for the use of coupons to be possible so they can get a discount.

Others are simply looking for a service with good ratings. Having considered a number of online resume writing services reviews, we can suggest a list of companies that currently operate on this market.

  • Find My Profession

Find My Profession claims that it can help professionals advance in their career. The company offers not only resume writing, but also career coaching. Writing packages can be found for a professional level, entry-level, and more advanced ones too.

  • TopResume

TopResume lets customers scan their resume for free before it`s done by a company`s writer. After that, clients can choose a plan depending on their level.

  • The Muse

The Muse allows customers to speak to a writer on Skype before clients agree to have a resume written by this service`s employees.


Monster has a resume writing service available with three plans – the Deluxe plan, the Basic plan, and the Premier plan.

  • Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma has different packages to pick from. They claim to hire only professional and experienced writers.

Final Thoughts

Finding a resume writing service may be difficult with so many options, but hopefully, our review will come in handy in this process. Make sure you won`t fall for the cheapest resume writing services but choose one that fits your budget and still can write for the desired job level, thus increasing your chances of employment.