Affordable Proofreading Services for Students

Proofreading. It’s something that you know you have to do. So, the question you have to ask yourself is this: are you up to this?

Let’s take a look at what proofreading really involves:

  • You have written your rough draft of an essay or paper. Now it’s time to go back, go through that piece of writing, find the errors, and fix them before that final draft is polished and ready to turn in
  • First is the editing process. This is more the “big picture” look at what you have written. Have you made your points in a logical way? Does the whole piece flow well? Do you have a thesis statement and do all of your points support that thesis?
  • Once you have completed the big picture review, it’s time for the details. And these can be those pesky issues that can actually result in a bad grade. When instructors must read through a piece of writing that has these types of issues and errors, they become irritated. And when they become irritated, they are far more likely to give a lowered grade. After all, they are human.

So, as you begin the polishing process, here are the things that you must look for:

  • Are all of your sentences real sentences? Do they have a subject, a verb, and a complete thought? There are two types of errors here – fragments and run-ons, and checking for them requires careful reading of each sentence, one by one
  • Punctuation is another big issue. Commas, semi-colons, colons, quotation marks, etc. must be perfectly placed. You might be surprised to learn that your instructors, in courses other than English, have exceptional English composition expertise and will find these mistakes. Your grade will suffer accordingly.

So, how can you ensure that the proofreading step is done right? Maybe, given the importance of this step in your essay development, you might want to look at how academic proofreading services might be of help.

What You Can Get from Academic Writing Services

Most academic writing services that are worth their salt will offer a wide array of products and services. As a part of that repertoire, they will offer a proofread essay service. This means that they have a department of editors and proofreaders who are English language experts and who will take the writing that customers submit and clean it up. This editing and proofreading will usually include any type of writing products, such as all academic assignments, and even resume proofreading services for job seekers.

How Do You Choose the Best Proofreading Service?

You have to do some digging. There are all kinds of website proofreading services that promise to have exceptional editors and proofreaders, but many of them are actually not truthful. They use ESL writers and editors – individuals for whom English is not their native language. And when this is the case, you are able to find the cheapest proofreading service on the market. Unfortunately, even that small amount of money will be completely wasted, because the proofreading will be a disaster. Imagine you are a UK student, and you end up with a proofreader in Malaysia. His native language is Malaysian, of course, and he has a working knowledge of English. But that will never translate into understanding proper sentence structure, punctuation, word usage, spelling, etc.

In short, trying to find proof reading service on your own will probably not be the best idea.

Pointing You in the Right Direction with Proofreading Services Reviews

You should know that finding good proofread and editing services is not a job for a single student. There are just thousands of companies out there, and no way to research them all.

Fortunately, we have done the work for you. We have one mission and that is to review and evaluate online writing services, and one of the factors that we look at is the quality of their professional proofreading service. We do not take the company’s word for it. We seek and find online proofreading services reviews from actual customers, and these figure highly into our final ratings. We are happy to pass our recommendations to our users.

Out Top Picks

We have looked at both high school and college essay proofreading services that the following three agencies provide, and we have given them the top three positions among all of the companies we have reviewed.

  1. Top Essay Writing: Here is a company that provides a full array of academic products and services to students at any grade level. They offer both editing and proofreading and use only professional experts whose native language is English. Students who have used Top Essay Writing, whether for basic high school essays all the way to dissertation projects, have nothing but good things to say.
  2. Premier Essay: This is a writing agency with a long and successful history. It has a large editing and proofreading department, divided into categories of product types. For example, a business owner in need of website proof reading services will need a pro from that line of work, since the content writing is informal and casual in tone. A student, on the other hand, needs a professional proofreader with an academic background – one who understands the formal scholarly tone and style that must be used. Again, customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the results of this company’s work.
  3. Smart Custom Writing: The focus of this agency is clearly academic providing the best proofreading service and writing. It helps students in English-speaking schools and colleges. It uses only native English-speaking academics who have clearly exceptional skills. We have seen only rave reviews by students who have used this agency.

How Much Should You Pay for Proofreading Services?

Beware of proofreading services that want to charge by the word. It really doesn’t make sense. And an hourly rate is highly suspicious too. How do you ever know how long it has taken a proofreader to complete your job? A professional proofread essay service will generally charge by the page, and proofreading rates per word may range from $0.012 but will graduate as the complexity of the piece increases. Ph.D. students, for example, can expect to pay more for dissertation proofreading than a high school student will.

Got Questions?

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