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In order to establish and maintain their reputations, reputable e-commerce enterprises do several things to obtain feedback on their products and/or services.

  • They solicit comments from customers and use those comments to improve their products or services
  • They take opinion surveys and comb through social media sites looking for comments, so that they may respond and find ways to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • They employ the services of a professional service to conduct an extensive review of its policies, its features, it professionalism and it customer satisfaction.

It is the purpose of this document to provide such an extensive review of Pro Essay Service, the UK-based company that is in the writing service industry. There will be several parts of this review, each of which speaks to an aspect of the company, its business model, its products and services, and its customer satisfaction.

The Business Model of Pro Essay Service

ProEssayService ratings in this aspect of review are quite high because the company meets the criteria we have established for professionalism and reliability.

  1. Transparency and open communication are present and are indicative of a company that has nothing “to hide” from its customers. There are clear procedures in place to ensure that communication between customer and company and between customer and writer are clear, well defined, and always available. The customer service department is available 24 hours a day; there are multiple methods of communication that include access by telephone, email, messaging, and live chat. Customers are immediately provided access to their assigned writers upon order placement, and that communication continues during the entire writing process, and even after, if a customer should want revisions to a finished piece.
  2. One of the many important ProEssayService features is the existence of policies and procedures that are published on its site. These documents establish the clear relationships between customers and the company and its staff, provide guarantees to the customer, and clearly explain all procedures from ordering through delivery and beyond. Nothing is left to “chance.”
  3. There are clear policies for the employment of professional writing staff and for the assignment of those staff members to specific customer orders. The hiring process is rigorous and includes a thorough check of academic degrees, transcripts, writing abilities, and backgrounds. No one is hired without a degree from an accredited institution, and no one writes at a level for which s/he is not qualified. If a graduate student needs a business case study, for example, a Ph.D. in business will be assigned to that project. If a business owner needs a press release, a degreed journalist will be producing that release.

Products and Services

The most reliable sources for the quality of products and services provided are the Pro Essay Service reviews that are written and published or posted in places other than on the company website. To locate these comments and reviews, we go through search engines and social media sites where customers are likely to place comments and feedback. Certainly, ProEssayService testimonials that are published on its site are taken into account, but off-site comments are given more value for our review purposes.

In general, the comments we have found can be summarized as follows:

  • The quality of writing is quite high, and customers are pleased with the products they receive. They attribute this to the obvious quality of writers that are employed by the company.
  • Writers are available for conversation and this is highly appreciated, because the communication means that the customer ultimately gets what s/he wants.
  • The company is willing to receive requests for revisions and to see to it that those revisions are made.
  • Even in urgent circumstances, deadlines are met
  • The company does ask its customers for feedback on their experiences

Types of Products Offered

This part of the review was conducted by a thorough review of the published offerings on the website. What stood out for us was the great diversity of writing genres and the fact that ProEssayServicec has extended its services far beyond the typical high school and college academic writing that we see form most writing services. In addition to all of the normal writing that would be assigned by tutors at the high school and undergraduate levels, this company provides writing departments in all of the following additional areas:

  1. Graduate level research and writing services include case studies, lab reports, research papers and projects, math/physics/statistics problem sets and research, and extensive consultation on theses and dissertations. All of these services are provided by Ph.D. academicians with field specialties.
  2. Another unique service is that of website design and web-based content and marketing materials, blog maintenance, and social media presence strategies. All of these things are produced by a specific department with appropriate experts.
  3. Business writing is another relatively new addition to the many ProEssayService benefits. Business writers have been gathered from a wide variety of niches, so that presentations, reports, proposals, news articles, and most any other type of business writing can be secured.
  4. HR professionals and professional graphic design experts work together to create resumes and CV’s that reflect creativity and unusual presentations of candidates.

ProEssayService.com Prices

As expected, pricing is at the higher end of the norm for writing services, and is certainly a factor of the quality of writers that work for this company. On the other hand, the company has attempted to offset the cost by offering a solid program of discounts that begin with a first-time customer discount of 10% ( Discount code: Pro10OFF).

After that, discounts will range between 5 – 15%, as customers return for additional writing assistance. The nice feature here, however, is that customers will know the cost up front and that cost will not change. And, there are a number of free pages that other services do not provide – a table of contents, a bibliography, a title page, and so forth. Companies with cheaper prices charge for these pages.

NOTE: All prices are performed initially in GBP. However, you may easily check them in USD currancy. 

Other Customer Concerns

Whenever consumers do business with an online company, there are concerns for safety and security. In the writing industry, however, there are additional concerns, and this review has looked carefully at all of them.

  • Security of personal and financial information. The company does an excellent job of protecting and never sharing customer identity. Further, it contracts with an outside, third-party payment processing firm with SSL certification. To date, there has not been a breach of data.
  • Customers are comfortable that their confidentiality is secure.
  • Plagiarism: this is always a concern when individuals choose to use a writing service. Pro Essay Service subjects all writing to a plagiarism check and makes the report available to the customer.

Final Comments

An individual in search of professional high quality writing would find it difficult to find a Pro Essay Service alternative company that would equal it in product diversity, quality, and adherence to principles of openness and honesty.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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