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What is Revising and Editing and What Is the Difference?

You receive a paper back from an instructor. Their note says, ‘This needs editing!’ Another professor tells you to revise a paper, then return it. What do they mean? Are revising and editing the same thing? What is the difference between editing and proofreading? How are they all different? Keep reading to explore the difference between editing and revising.

Revising or Editing?

Revising vs. editing are two different actions. However, both are intended to improve your writing. Here are the key differences:

  • Editing is more atomic. You’re looking at individual sentences and phrases. Revising focuses on the paper as a whole.
  • Revising is a collaborative effort. Editing usually involves the editor directing the writer to fix errors.
  • The process of revising a paper focuses on strengthening arguments and readability. Editing emphasizes fixing spelling, grammar, and poor word choice.

What Does Revising a Paper Involve?

What does revising mean in the paper writing process? Revision makes taking a new, critical view of your paper, and making changes to improve it. If you’re asked for a revision of your writing, here are some steps to take:

  • Consider your thesis. Do the results of your research align with it?
  • Think from the perspective of readers. Will they find your arguments convincing? Have you engaged in any dubious techniques to support your arguments, or respond to counterpoints?
  • Determine if your focus is too broad or too narrow.
  • Is your writing and vocabulary appropriate for readers?
  • Look at your introduction. Does it state your purpose? Do you fulfill that purpose?
  • Examine your conclusion. Do you synthesize arguments into a convincing concluding paragraph?

Once you consider the points above, and answer the questions, you’ll be ready to revise your paper.

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What Happens When I Edit My Paper?

Editing can be done as part of the process of revising and editing paragraphs. It can also be done entirely on its own. Here’s are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Consider taking a break between writing and editing. This will help you gain new perspectives.
  • Decide if you can work better editing directly on your computer screen, or with a printed copy.
  • Give yourself enough time to take a few breaks as you work.

When you sit down to edit, break this job down into several steps.

Checking for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

It’s okay to use a tool to check for mistakes, but you must also review every paper manually.

Review Tone and Language

Have you used the appropriate tone for the assignment? Is your writing formal, informal, or technical? Look at your choice of words. Is your language inclusive? Do you choose the correct gender pronouns, and the gender neutral options for words?

Now, take a look at your sentences. Are there both short and long sentences? Have you used the same words to start sentences over and over? Look for the passive voice as well. Finally, get rid of throwaway words and phrases including most adverbs, ‘truth be told’, ‘in other words’, and ‘there are/there is’.

Double Check Your Citations

Make sure you have a works cited page, and that inline citations are completed. These should be structured according to the citation format.

Make Sure It’s Clear

Writing is unclear when you fail to explain things that aren’t obvious to your audience, use jargon that the reader doesn’t understand, or fail to write in a clear way. One example of the latter is the overuse of pronouns. For example, if you say ‘they went to the protest’, the audience should be able to tell exactly who ‘they’ is.

How do I Select a Professional Service to Revise or Edit my Written Works?

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Posted by Chris M., September 28, 2020