Best Grammar Checker List with Top 10 Online Versions

Everyone who works with texts is in need of the best grammar checker. It doesn’t matter whether you are a native speaker or know the language well — even professors make mistakes. We might not know some nuances, be inattentive, or mix some words up by accident, especially if the text is long. Proofreading and editing is a great idea, but they don’t always work. Many people do a hasty job or decide against it altogether because no one wants to spend even more time on something they’ve just finished writing. That’s where online grammar checkers become useful. We’ve already helped many students pick the best college essay writing service — now let us present top ten grammar tools that’ll make your life easier!

Ten Best Grammar Checkers in 2022

1. GingerSoftware

ginger software

Grammarly spell check is one of the best options for people who want to make their writing 100% accurate. It comes in three forms. You could add an extension into your browser and turn it on, letting it check everything you write when you’re online.  You could also download it as an app on your computer for using it in an offline mode. The third option is a mobile app — Ginger gives you a chance to stay fluent even as you’re typing on your phone. The program itself has an extensive number of tools, and it uses them all during proofreading. Free checker is very limited: it checks only 600 characters and you have to open a window and insert your text there. The process isn’t automatic. Paid versions of this top grammar checker are much more beneficial. They don’t cost much, and yet they open a range of many possibilities. You could check longer texts, translate content into 40 languages, look up definitions of unclear words as well as their synonyms, and use a rephrasing tool as many times as you need. Our experts confirmed that Ginger does an excellent job catching and correcting errors. Without a doubt, it’s the best grammar tool we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

Cost: Limited free version & unlimited paid version. Annual payment starts with $7.49 per month.

Usability: Friendly and easily understandable tool.   

Accuracy: High.


  • Extensive number of options in paid checker version

  • Affordable price

  • Best results

  • Three formats supported


  • Free version is limited 

2. Grammarly


From the best grammar check websites, Grammarly is one of the most popular in the world. It has a great app that corrects spelling, punctuation, and grammar, offers definitions, as well as does many other useful things that help make your text perfect. It’s particularly useful for students since it’s an excellent proofreader of academic content such as essays. Grammarly also exists in the form of different apps you could use: they include Word, Windows, Chrome, iPad, and cell phone versions. One of its biggest benefits is that even the free version is extensive. Users can check long texts on different platforms, look up definitions, pick in what English style they are writing, etc. Paid version offers a deeper grammar check in addition to more detailed explanations and plag scanner. Prices are a little high, but most students should be able to afford them. In terms of accuracy, we had no complaints. Grammarly found all mistakes and suggested good corrections. 

Cost: Free version & enhanced paid version. Annual payment starts with $12.00 per month.

Usability: Intuitive interface and minimalistic platform.  

Accuracy: High.


  • Best features in both free and paid checkers

  • Impressive reputation

  • Accurate results

  • Different formats supported


  • Sometimes the app works slowly

  • Price is rather high 

3) LanguageTool

language tool

This best grammar checker online has a simple website and functional tools that help improve your text in a variety of ways. Like with most similar kinds of software, there are free and paid versions. If you don’t want to pay anything, you’ll be able to check up to 10K characters. There are no extra options here, just basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation check in several languages, including Spanish, Russian, etc. Paid version is more diverse. It’s cheap and effective: the size of text you could check grows to 100K characters and you receive Word & Google Docs add-ons. Grammar check becomes more thorough, too, with detailed clarifications offered. We were pleased with its work. LanguageTool works with numerous respectable clients, and you might enjoy both versions of its best software.

Cost: Free checker & paid checker. Annual payment starts at $2.46 per month.

Usability: Simple website with user-friendly interface.  

Accuracy: High. 


  • Best range of checking options

  • Good quality of grammar check

  • Really cheap prices


  • Free checker doesn’t offer much

4. WhiteSmoke


This best online grammar check provider has an interesting name, which was the first thing that drew our attention. It’s been operating for almost two decades, so its experience is impressive. The website is comprehensive and detailed, and while some parts of it look spam-ish, it’s a completely safe platform. There is no free version available. It’s unfortunate as not every student is capable of paying for a checker no matter how much they need it. Paid options aren’t expensive, though, so it looks like most will be able to afford it. You could choose between three packages: web, premium, and business. Apart from help with grammar, you would also be getting a translator, plag scanner, 1-click proofreading, and even phone customer support. From our own experience, WhiteSmoke editor does a great job pointing out errors of various kinds, so it became a part of our list.

Cost: Free checker & paid checker. Annual payment starts at $5 per month.

Usability: Mostly good interface with comprehensive features.  

Accuracy: High. 


  • Diverse options available to users

  • Quality advance grammar checker

  • Affordable prices for all packages

  • Customer support present 


  • No free checker available

  • No trial provided

5. HemingwayApp

This best free online grammar checker also has an intriguing name. Its creators clearly love literature and are passionate about helping people improve their grammar since their tool is completely free. There are no paid versions and no need to create an account: just follow the link and start typing your text in a box you see. Get a desktop app if you liked online results — this could help you access more options. After your text is ready, click “edit.” The system will check everything and paint every sentence in different colors. Explanations about what each color means can be found on the right side of the page, as you see on the screenshot. HemingwayApp also gives a grade to a text in terms of readability and counts how many words you’ve written. We liked the results and the simplicity of this best checker: everything was accurate and the advice was sound. At the same time, it’d be good for HemingwayApp to add more features and expand its criticisms.

Cost: Free.

Usability: One page with clear and functional design.   

Accuracy: High.


  • This best grammar checker is free

  • High level of quality

  • Understandable comments


  • Explanations could have more details

  • More features should be present 

6. ProWritingAid


This best grammar corrector has several packages, including a free one. You can add a plugin to your browser and start using it momentarily. This isn’t just a grammar editor — ProWritingAid helps with style, too. It provides numerous explanations for edits it suggests, and you also have a chance to make your own dictionary. The site itself lags a bit, though: you might need to refresh your page several times for everything to load correctly. It also works pretty slowly, so don’t be surprised if nothing happens right away — give it some time. Free checker version is solid but not as extensive as the one you’d get by buying a subscription. Paid checker works in a much better way: it offers great insights and proofreads everything with extreme thoroughness. Its price is expensive, yet results are accurate and as a new writer, you might learn a lot for improving your writing. 

Cost: Free & paid checker. Annual payment starts with $20 per month.

Usability: Too many details; the site of this best online grammar checker works slowly.  

Accuracy: High. 


  • Many tips about language and style

  • Best quality level

  • Lots of helpful features to choose from


  • Expensive paid checker

  • Complicated site that works slowly

7. CitationMode


People can use this best grammar checker app only after they create an account or link their social media profile to it. The website doesn’t work quickly enough, but it warns about it from the start, so students don’t have a reason to worry. Free trial lasts for 3 days only, which isn’t ideal, but it gives you a chance to see how advanced this version of grammar checker would look like. Subscription is semi-affordable, and free checker is pretty good. Students won’t be able to see clearly why what they wrote is wrong, but they’ll still see flawed places: CitationMachine underlines every faulty sentence. Take a look at the screenshot for getting an idea of what you might expect. Our review team liked the results — they were accurate, with the checker missing only some aspects and offering really great suggestions. 

Cost: Free & paid checker. Price starts at $9.95 per month.

Usability: Comprehensive platform, but its work is slow.  

Accuracy: High.


  • Best spell checker available

  • Good grammar results

  • Many useful features


  • Registration required even for free version

  • Overall process of work is imperfect

8. Scribens


We evaluated this best grammar checking software highly because it’s simple and effective at the same time. When students open the website, they immediately see an empty checking box. They could use a sample from the app or insert their own text there. Like it is with most checkers, there are free and paid subscriptions, and both of them are useful. Mistakes are highlighted in different colors. Click on them and you’ll see an explanation together with examples and maybe even helpful links. Check clarification about what these colors mean in the left corner of the page. But of course, free version has many limitations. By purchasing subscription, you’ll be able to edit or proofread many more pages of content and use plugins for Word as well as other platforms. Ads will disappear and French language might become available if you need it. The problem is, price is expensive, and even if you pay, it doesn’t mean the system will catch everything. We noticed that Scribens missed several serious mistakes even after paying for it. Still, all in all, its degree of accuracy is high, so we recommend it.

Cost: Free & paid checker. Monthly payment is $11.58.

Usability: Easy to use, understand, and purchase.  

Accuracy: Mostly high.


  • Best spelling and grammar check available in paid checker

  • Good features offered

  • Detailed explanations about each error


  • Prices higher than norm   

  • Free checker makes mistakes

9. Reverso


According to Reddit, Reverso is one of the most popular grammar check websites because it doesn’t just check texts, it edits them. After you paste your essay and click “check”, you’ll quickly see a corrected version. Hover your mouse above the words or phrases in blue to see what was improved and why. Without an account, students can check only 450 characters. This is a very small amount, so there is not much sense in using it unless a spell checker for several sentences is all you need. When a user creates an account, they might check up to 1200 characters, which is a better scenario. In turn, the paid version allows analyzing up to 2000 characters. Overall, it’s not a lot, so this program is useful only for those who write shorter texts. Subscription isn’t cheap, but it offers several great options. You get faster user experience with no ads, access to a rephrasing tool, ability to see more explanations and synonyms, etc. The accuracy itself is pretty high, although it could have been better: some mistakes remained in our text. But despite this fact, we liked Reverso and can recommend it to you.

Cost: Free & paid checker. Monthly payment is $11.68.

Usability: Pleasant interface with clear functional system.  

Accuracy: Mostly high.


  • Text is edited from the start

  • Good explanations about mistakes

  • Many helpful features in paid checker


  • Only short texts of up to 2K characters supported

  • App misses some errors

  • Price is somewhat high

10. GrammarCheck


This best grammar check software closes our list. It has a simple and easily understandable website with two types of error search: free and deep. It underlines problematic sentences in blue, red, and green colors. Blue marks mistakes with style, red concerns spelling issues, and green denotes grammar problems. Click on a word or a phrase that was marked down and read the explanation in the window you’ll see. There, you can choose to accept or ignore suggestions.  The system itself works unhurriedly, so a minute or two might pass before your results are ready. Free version is limited. If you try to pay for premium subscription, strangely, you’re transferred to Grammarly platform where you can pick a client package. We aren’t certain that both checkers are connected officially, so this caused confusion among our team members. GrammarCheck’s free version is pretty effective, and although its accuracy could be improved, we liked its work. It also offers several useful articles with advice on writing that many college students are going to find helpful. Due to confusion and some mistakes, we give it the tenth spot in our list.

Cost: Free GrammarCheck account or paid Grammarly checker.

Usability: Solid website with intuitive interface.  

Accuracy: Mostly high.


  • Quick results of grammar check

  • Website offers good advice on writing

  • Explanations are comprehensive


  • More mistakes could be found

  • Confusion about paid version and relation to Grammarly

Criteria for Composing Grammar Checker Reviews

Our job is to make students’ lives easier, so we are always on the lookout for the best proofreading services or top plag & grammar checkers. For making our reviews objective, we work in independent teams. All members write down their impressions and then we compare them before drawing conclusions. But your opinions play a vital role, too.

Some of you might be interested in getting the best online coursework help — for example, in case you don’t have time to work by yourself. In these instances, checking your essays via the best grammar and spell checker might not be necessary. Still, it’s a good idea to use it anyway for ascertaining that your text is flawless. Do that and share your impressions! We’ll take them into account when working on our future reviews.  

Find Your Best Grammar Checker and Use It to Make Your Texts Perfect

What is the best grammar checker? Every person should come up with their own answer! We made a list with ten great options that showed great results.  Try any of them and share your impressions. Which ones helped you most?

Whether you’re using the best dissertation writing services or performing research by yourself, using the best online grammar checkers is a good idea. Once you make your decision, you’ll be able to turn your tool on every time you are writing an essay. Improve your writing and correct mistakes with one click.


Where can I check if my grammar is correct?

Try Ginger or Grammarly as the best grammar software. If you’re pleased with results, consider purchasing a paid version. If not, look further. There are plenty of online editors out there, and it won’t take you long to find the top one.

Is there a better grammar checker than Grammarly?

The answer comes down to Grammarly vs Ginger debate. Grammarly is advertised more often, and that’s why you constantly hear about it. It’s a great tool, but in our opinion, Ginger is better. It’s more thorough, it works quicker, and it offers more for smaller prices.

What is the best free grammar checker?

If you want a website with a proper free version, check our Ginger grammar check review. In turn, if you want a checker with no paid subscriptions, try HemingwayApp — it shows excellent results.

What is the most popular grammar checker?

Grammarly plugin is definitely the most popular out there. A record number of students and professors alike use it every day. It’s not the only one providing the best service, though — most options in our list have positive grammar software reviews, too.

What is the best professional grammar check app?

Based on our experience as well as the amount of positive grammar check software reviews online, GingerSoftware is the top choice in 2022, closely followed by Grammarly and LanguageTool. Each of these programs will help you check and improve your essay, but they have advantages and drawbacks, so we suggest reading all details before making your conclusions.

Posted by Chris M., September 07, 2021

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