Best Summary Generator for Your Text: Study Top Options and Pick a Favorite

Many people need the best summary generator, and this desire is particularly popular among students. Their college might ask them to summarize their essay, but who wants to re-read what they wrote and try to select the most relevant pieces? It’s a time-consuming and boring job. Using an online tool is a much faster and effortless option, but of course, there is a question: where to find one? Previously, we looked for the best online grammar checker for students; now, we focused on top summarizing websites. Take a look and you won’t have problems with summarization of your document!

Find Your Best Summarizing Tool: Five Greatest Options

We studied many different sites in an effort to find the best summary application. To test each, we used a random article and compared the results. Note that it’s impossible to find a generator that wouldn’t plagiarize your own content, though, not unless it also has a paraphraser. It’ll select the most important sentences and you’ll need to edit them to make them sound different. Here are five top options in accordance with our observations.

1. PrepostSeo

prepostseo summary generator

This is the best summary generator that provides personal and professional options for its users. It has a very simple interface with design — you won’t have to break your mind attempting to figure out how to utilize it. Just open the website and paste your text into the box you see. You can choose how many words you want your summary to have: the default option is 100 words. You can also use percentage instead of words, such as asking the tool to make a summary 30% long from your text. PrepostSeo offers two ways of presenting this summary, so you could pick between plain text and a list with bullet points. We appreciated diversity like this. There are some extra features, like plagiarism and domain authority checker. Visitors could use this generator for free or they could buy one of the packages (basic, standard, & company). They aren’t expensive, so chances are, you’ll find them affordable, especially if you represent a company. Quality of PrepostSeo’s summary is pretty good. It is not as complete as it could be, but it is comprehensive enough, especially if you pick the appropriate number of words.

Price: Free; cheapest account costs $10 per month

Extra Features: Plagchecker; domain authenticity checker; paraphrasing generator


  • Free option present
  • Good efficiency
  • Affordable prices for packages
  • Easy to use


  • Some results are imperfect

2. QuillBot

quillbot summary generator

This summary generator has an interesting name, and it fully corresponds to reality. It really is a bot that determines the main parts of your essay based on its analysis, and with the help of its quill, it can help shorten your paper. For using this best article summarizer for free, your text has to be no longer than 2500 characters. If it’s not enough, you have to pay for a package. The price isn’t high, though, which is a good thing and one of many reasons why we gave QuillBot the second spot in this list. When pasting your text into a box, you could include different keywords — this way, the finder will select only relevant sentences with higher efficiency. Results will be displayed on your right, and that’s where some minor issues might occur. You could select between seeing a summary in key sentences or in a paragraph. There is a size scale you could use for making the text shorter or longer. While key sentences work properly, it’s impossible to change the length of the paragraph: it’ll have just three sentences no matter what. This is a glitch that managers should correct. Results are equal — this generator selects the most important parts of info throughout the entire text.

Price: Free; premium account costs starting with $7.95 per month

Extra Features: Grammar checker; citation generator; paraphrasing tool; extensions for different sites


  • Free option present
  • High efficiency
  • Affordable price for premium level
  • Intuitive interface


  • Some options are glitched

3. WritingUniverse

writinguniverse editing services

This is not a typical summary paraphrasing and summarizing tool — instead, it’s a website where students can get real editors and ask them to improve their papers. We decided to include at least one option like this into our list to give you a wider range of choices, and WritingUniverse was a leader among the platforms we tested. On the negative side, the site itself is glitchy. Pop-ups can emerge and then you won’t be able to close them without reloading the page. Several people complained about it before but it doesn’t look like anyone took any measures. From good aspects, prices for editing aren’t high. Price calculator is right on the website, so you could see how much you’ll have to pay instantly. You could ask this company to shorten your text, make a summary, edit mistakes, etc. They follow deadlines and meet any demands.

Price: Price for editing/summarizing starts at $5.99 per page

Extra Features: Writing, paraphrasing, editing, & other services available


  • Good online text editor
  • Cheap prices
  • Personal touch
  • Comprehensive services


  • Website’s advertising is too persistent
  • No free generator

4. Resoomer

resoomer summary generator

This essay summarizer is not as intuitive as the generator we explored above. Its system has too many features, but they are all useful, so it’s not necessarily a drawback. With Resoomer, you can opt for automatic summary, manual one, or optimized. You can analyze your text and get great insights that could help you complete your summary sooner. If you don’t want to simply see the main sentence set from your essay, you could use ready-made synonyms. In fact, you can decide to paraphrase your text right there, which is really convenient for those students who need quick results. You could also rewrite and translate your text as long as English is one of the languages. This version is free, but there is also a premium one. It’s cheap and it allows more opportunities, particularly in terms of the size of the text you could check or summarize. We found this shortener software really good — it knows how to find meaningful sentences and it has several options for showing it.

Price: Free; premium account costs $5.66 per month

Extra Features: Translating, paraphrasing & rewriting generator; PDF and Doc integrations


  • Great summary maker
  • Cheap prices
  • Many extra features present


  • Complex interface of generator and slowish features

5. SummarizingTool

summarizing tool

This is another best summarizer that works on a free basis. After pasting text from your essay or book, you should select the size of the future summary. This scale is located below blank box, with default number being 50%. Note that you could also upload document if this is easier. Once this summary creator completes its job, it gives its users three options. They can copy their text or download it as PDF or Doc files. Problem with this summary generator is that it’s trying to be too creative. As a result, it mixes an order of sentences, and what had to be at the end is suddenly at the beginning. It might work for some but not for others. One extra feature is available, namely, conclusion maker, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes you’ll just end up with summarizer and nothing else. No premium package is on offer.

Price: Completely free

Extra Features: Conclusion maker; PDF & Doc integrations


  • Best summary generator free
  • Offers different sizes
  • Works quickly


  • Website isn’t ideal

Looking for the Best Text Summarizer: Tips for Students and Others

After researching sites that write essays for you and finding many other useful options, we hope that you’ll benefit from one of summarizing tools above. Here are also a couple of tips for your summary. They will help enhance your work.

  1. Don’t copy anything directly. Note that even if you use some summarize bot, you need to rework sentences by using synonyms. No part of content from your essay should look exactly like text from your articles.
  2. Use plagiarism checker. Use the best plagiarism checker for research papers to avoid self-plagiarism.
  3. Proofread everything. Summary might be reflection of an essay, but it’s still important. Use Grammarly or another reliable grammar generator to make certain you made no language mistakes.
  4. Try several summarizing tools. When you try summarize app, don’t stop at that. Give another generator a try, too — you need to find the best option.


What is the most effective way of summarizing?

You need to pick the most important sentence or two from each paragraph and put them all together. Opening an app and saying, “Summarize this for me” is also a good choice.

Does Grammarly have a summarizer?

No, it doesn’t, so you should use Google or our list to find the best summarizing generator.

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