Free Best Conclusion Generator: Online Options That'll Make Writing Easy

Who needs the best conclusion generator and why? Every writer faces situations where they don’t feel like they could write even one more word. Students in particular experience this problem often. Their college forces them to work on three or more papers at the same time, and this is a real torture for those who don’t enjoy writing or have no interest in their topic. This is when automatic conclusion creator comes into play — it gives its users a chance to build the last section of their paper quickly and easily. But are they effective? Some are; many aren’t. We tried different tools and chose three best ones.

Best Conclusion Paragraph Generator: Three Options

Closing an essay with a strong conclusion is difficult. Auto maker can be effective to an extent, but many of them work badly or have annoying spam. We tested numerous online options before arriving at three specific tools. If you need help, take a look!

1. GrabmyEssay

conclusion generator

GrabMyEssay has created the best ever Conclusion Generator on the market. We all are well aware of the limitations of AI-based tools. But this one really stands out as the quickest and the most accurate tool. It is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to copy-paste your text, and you get a conclusion in a fraction of time. 

The great thing about Conclusion Generator is that it is free. And there is no limit to how many times you can try. No need to create an account to use it from wherever you are. 

We liked the way this AI-based tool was able to pick the critical sentences in the text, omit extraneous ones, and condense the text into a great summary. The Conclusion Generator does not save your texts no matter how many times you use it, so your confidentiality is guaranteed.

You might still need to do a bit of editing to make sure your conclusion has a perfect logical flow. The tool might not pick up some cultural or contextual nuances or follow all academic requirements. So, take time to double-check the generated text to make sure nothing that matters is lost. Other than that, this is a real hit! 


  • It is free
  • It is super quick
  • No limit to the number of conclusions you can generate
  • It is confidential  


  • Not found

2. WritingUniverse

writinguniverse conclusion generator

Writing Universe also offers a conclusion generator for students, teachers, and writers. This tool looks very user-friendly and easy to use. To generate a conclusion, just insert your essay in the field. Note that it must be longer than 200 words, otherwise, the tool won't be able to provide a good and accurate conclusion. After you paste the text, choose the length of your summary - 150, 200, or more words. Mind that conclusion should comprise 10% of your essay, so just make some calculations to find out suitable length for your particular text. After that, press the ‘Generate my Conclusion’ button and receive your summary. The generator also provides statistics - Original Length, Summary Length, and Summary Ratio. You can resubmit the text as many times as needed - the tool is completely free and does not require registration, or any personal information from you.

This is one of the best conclusion generators available online for free. Our review team has tried the conclusion generator several times and got good results. They stress that they liked the quality of the summary, lack of typos, and grammar mistakes. 

But in case the user is not satisfied with any aspect of the conclusion, they can get expert editing help right away. A professional editor will tailor the summary so that it matches your paper perfectly. Alternatively, one can hire a writer to do the whole essay from scratch and receive an excellent introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • free of charge
  • easy to use
  • length option


  • -

3. Summarizing-Tool

summarizing tool

This tool is very simple, but it has such a high degree of accuracy that it impressed our team a lot. Its website loads quickly, and while its design is plain, it’s functional. Students could copy-paste their essays into an empty box, include a URL link to a text they need, or upload a PDF file. Below the box, they should pick the size of the summary they want. Default option is 50%. We immediately tried to test this conclusion typer, and it more than met our expectations. This platform uses AI because it selected the most relevant bits from our paper — see it yourself in a screenshot. It chose sentences detailing the problem and explaining its causes. You can download the file in .doc or .pdf format or just copy it from the box. It is hard to believe, but Summarizing-Tool is completely free. It’s accessible any time from anywhere, and it doesn’t require you to make an account. Confidentiality is guaranteed as well: website doesn’t save texts its visitors upload.     


  • High quality closing paragraph generator

  • Completely free

  • Multiple formats available


  • Plain and uninspiring design

4. Summarizing.Biz

summarizing biz

From all tools we tested, this helper has the most interesting design. Black, yellow, and white colors create an intriguing contrast, and visitors are welcome to paste their text into an order box. The problem here is that when selecting summary size, they only have limited options. The biggest size this conclusion tool generates is 300 words, so it won’t help you if you have a long essay or project. Note that results will be below the box with your paper. We didn’t realize it right away, so we thought that the site was lagging until we scrolled down. As for summary itself, it was good. The first selected sentences were terrible, and you can see it in the picture above: it’s unclear what conclusion starts with and it uses present tense, which shouldn’t be done in the last paragraph in this context. But everything else was on point, and students could use it for their essays. The paper finisher is completely free, but there is an option of using human help for money at Summarizing Biz. This is something you might want to order if you have a unique custom approach.


  • Good quality of concluding paragraph generator

  • Free of charge

  • Catchy design

  • Option of professional human help


  • Limited summary size

  • Some quality issues might be present in parts of conclusion

5. TrustMyPaper

trustmypaper summarizer

This is a great free essay conclusion generator from one of the companies with the best research paper writing service. Its design is minimalistic but pretty: white background, twirls of green, orange, and black make it catchy. Using it is very simple: just insert your essay text into a box. Below this box, there is a description of the tool, so you might be interested in reading it. We liked this feature, though the text itself could have been written better. From negative aspects, you cannot set the size at all: this automatic conclusion typer will determine how long your summary is going to be by itself. Above the window with results, you’ll see how many words it has as compared to an original paper.  Our summary was pretty good except for its first sentence. No conclusion can start with “on the other hand.” But the remaining part fully met our demands. See how this tool addressed an issue, described it, and closed it with a recommendation. This is exactly what a strong academic essay should have. You won’t need to pay anything for it, and like with the previous generator, you could opt for a professional writer to craft your conclusion instead.  


  • Good quality of conclusion sentence generator

  • Free usage

  •  Professional assistance available

  • Cool minimalistic design


  • Inconvenient location of results box

  • Some minor quality issues with summary

  • Text with tool description has some flaws

  • No chance to set size preferences   

All in all, we were happy with all three tools. They are efficient and free, and some of them have expert help options. You could ask them, “Write a conclusion for me,” and they’d do it for affordable prices.  Since online machines we recommended work quickly, you’ll get your results in a second, and then you’ll be able to edit and reword them until your essay looks complete.

Why Students Need Conclusion Generator: Details and Facts

We already made brief mentions about what reasons might motivate people to seek out concluding sentence generator, but now we’re going to discuss this in detail. In the majority of cases, students focus all their efforts on paper elements like argumentative thesis statement, strong body paragraphs, search for credible sources, research and content in general. They work hard on presenting their core ideas, making their points and supporting them with evidence, and on making their paper sound interesting as well as educated. That is why when they reach conclusion, most of them feel too exhausted to spend energy on it. You yourself might have experienced it at some point. All the hard work is done, most important parts are finished — who wants to waste time on the last small paragraph that’s practically irrelevant? A writer might give up here, just throwing a couple of sentences together. This is a big mistake.

Conclusion is chance to restate your points and make a long-lasting impression on readers. There are certain academic rules you should follow: this section shouldn’t be longer than 10%, no direct quotes should be present, thesis should be restated and main ideas summarized. Essay conclusion writer might not feel up to including everything, so they turn to automatic generator instead. There are similar tools for introduction — what you need for sure is a body. Boredom, tiredness, lack of time, and many similar things make students interested in looking for an easy way out, and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, they should know how to treat generators for getting the best possible results.

Instructions on How to Use Essay Conclusion Generator

Now we approached one of the vital elements of using conclusion generator. It is not enough to just find a good tool and take its results for your paper. What you have to understand is that every online generator is still imperfect, even if they are the best among their kind. They reuse your own sentences and present a recycled summary. This is great for those students who want to understand what specific points they should include, but if you’re planning on copy-pasting this text into your paper without any changes, you shouldn’t count on getting a good grade for it. As explained before, when you conclude an essay, you need to do it correctly. Things like thesis should be restated; more than that, your conclusion should be unique. It cannot repeat everything you have already mentioned in the text of your essay. This means that after getting your summary, you should edit as well as reword it.

If you do not feel like a good conclusion paragraph writer and the idea of doing even what we described freaks you out, there are some other solutions. For example, you could use paraphrasing tool to help make your task easier. There are also dictionaries with synonyms. In addition, you could always rely on human help. Since you’d be ordering only a conclusion, it wouldn’t cost much. Human writers are capable of making the material perfect: they could add a hook, reword thesis in really unique ways, and make your final speech as efficient as it could possibly get.

Using Conclusion Generator: List with Benefits

After everything we mentioned, you might be wondering: should you use conclusion generator for free at all? Sure, it has weaknesses, but there are also many benefits. Here are a few:

  1. It makes your work quicker. By using generators, you save up a lot of time. You don’t need to conclude an essay by yourself — it is enough to generate online version & use it for adding a final paragraph to your paper. This won’t even take a minute; your additions could be done quickly, too, since you’ll have everything you need.  But more about it later.

  2. It’s convenient. If you make a conclusion by relying on one of tools we recommended, you’ll be amazed at how simple this process is. They all load speedily and have a clear interface, so it isn’t difficult to understand what you should do.

  3. It gives you ideas. You cannot take everything from a generator without making any changes, but it still offers you a lot. Specifically, conclusion paragraph maker picks the most relevant sentences from your work & shows them to you. While you should rephrase them later, you’ll already have the major basis to work with.    

  4. It offers other useful options. Two out of three tools we suggested have options of professional human assistance. They have writers who could give you a hand for pretty low prices and complete your task by the date you want it. Just contact them — the offer will be right there on the page, and tell them, “I’d like you to write my conclusion.”


Do conclusion generators work?

Yes, they do. They are not 100% accurate, though, so you’d still have to make some efforts to reword the content they produce.

What is the best conclusion to make?

It should be a section with a length of about 10% from the overall essay content. It must repeat thesis in other words, summarize major points you mentioned in the body, and sometimes provide recommendations for the future.

What is a good conclusion example?

You can search for the best conclusions online. Many websites offer free essay versions, so follow these examples when doing your own task.

What are good words to start a conclusion with?

It depends on a type of essay & academic level. Usually, writers start with “Therefore,” “overall,” “as research has demonstrated,” “in conclusion,” etc.  

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