Find the Best Way to Proofread Your Writing

You’ve been hard at work on an important paper. The deadline is looming. You’ve decided that you need help proofreading your essay. Now what? You could use an online tool to proofread essay for free. Unfortunately, those only work so well. Or it’s time to hire a professional proofreading service?

What is an Online Proofreading Service?

Type the phrase, ‘can someone proofread my essay’ into Google. In a few seconds, you’ll see all kinds of results. Some of these will be from companies that offer proofreading along with writing and other services. Others only focus on the editing side of things.

How Do Essay Proofreading Services Work?

When you tell a writing company to proofread my writing, it is usually assigned to a freelancer or staff member. That person will review your paper in search of errors. Then, they will fix those mistakes for you. Of course, none of this happens until you place an order for essay proofreading online, and pay for the service. When your paper is down, they will either send it to you or give you instructions for downloading the final copy.

Can’t I Just Proofread My Own Paper?

I can proofread my college essay for free! Why should I pay? If you truly know how to proofread an essay, that’s great. Just be aware that this practice may be trickier than you anticipate. Keep this checklist in mind before you attempt to do this on your own:

  • Check for typos, spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and punctuation errors.
  • Make sure the appropriate tone is used throughout the essay.
  • Ensure the writing is coherent and flows naturally.
  • Clarify how each point speaks to the thesis.
  • Verify that there is a clear thesis.
  • Check for proper word usage.
  • Double check verb tense.
  • See that the vocabulary is varied without reading as if it was written from a thesaurus.
  • Don’t use acronyms without explaining them the first time.
  • Avoid or clarify idioms or jargon.
  • Cut out adverbs that don’t add anything.
  • Make sure your citations are right.
  • Verify the paper is the right length.
  • Do your font size, margins, and spacing adhere to the chosen citation format?
  • What about your data? Is it reliable? Does it match your conclusions?
  • Make sure you’ve quoted correctly.
  • Match every footnote to its corresponding endnote.

If that seems like a lot to remember, it is! If you don’t have time for that, it’s time to look for cheap essay proofreading companies that proved to be reliable. We’ve written reviews on several of these. Keep reading to learn how these three companies offer the best quality work.

Grab My Essay

Grab my Essay focuses largely on helping students, but they help business pros and job seekers too. You can order proofreading as a ‘stand alone’ service here. You can also purchase it as part of a package deal along with writing help. We found their work to be quite thorough. Students who use this service can feel confident that their papers will meet high academic standards. Finally, this is a service you can trust. They include all contact information on their website. Your writer/proofreader will be in contact with you at regular intervals until you receive your completed paper.

Trust My Paper

Trust my Paper is another service that provides absolutely stellar proofreading that leaves no mistake left unfixed. Submit your paper to these folks, then relax. They’ve really got it under control. Like other writing services, you can purchase just proofreading, or add it to their writing services. We also liked the way pricing here is super reasonable. You can even find a discount code. Just check the website for clear, upfront pricing.

Top Essay Writing

A third company that’s worth checking out is Top Essay Writing. They have a large staff of proofreaders, editors, and writers. Because of this, they can find a professional to check your papers no matter what your academic discipline is. They’ll even work on such graduate tasks as thesis and dissertations. Like the other two companies we suggest, the work is very well done, and the prices are quite reasonable.

No matter if you decide to proofread your own paper or hire someone to do it for you, keep in mind that it can make a big difference.