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Academic Essay Writing - How to Cope With It

Academic essay writing does not have to be a struggle if you understand the ingredients and the process. You can’t avoid them – just like flies at a picnic, they buzz around you, disturbing your peace, and making you frustrated and a bit angry. Unlike flies, you can’t swat them, spray them, or try to ignore them.

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Improve Your Skills on Writing a Research Essay

There is some discussion today about what constitutes a research essay and what constitutes a research paper. The biggest difference between these two pieces of writing is length, for both require research and the use of that research to support a thesis. But generally, essays are shorter in length. 

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How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay
Posted by Diana B.

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay Correctly

Do you want to know how to write a literary analysis essay? This request is more common than you think. Many students of all ages and majors face this writing task at some point in their studies. Only a few understand where they should start and what their essay should include.

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Persuasive Essay Topics
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Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas for Outstanding Writing

When discussing good persuasive essay topics, the first thing that needs clarification is writing type and its aim. The goal of an argumentative or persuasive essay is illuminating one’s position on some issue and substantiating it with evidence.

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Rules of Citations. Why Citing a Source Is Important?

A citation is something that you include in your writing when you use information provided by another person. The purpose of this is to give the other person fair credit for their work and insight. It is also to give readers information on the source  you used, in case they want to do their own investigating. 

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