100 Best Analytical Essay Topics for Any Subject

An analytical essay topics list is essential for any student. These essays are like argumentative papers, but also have a list of crucial differences. First of all, an analytical essay should analyze the subjects and tell the results at the end of the paper. You shouldn’t make an argument. The main purpose of an analytical essay is to look at the situation from all sides and be objective. Also, you should make correct, unbiased conclusions. Often, professors prefer analytical essays to other ones, so you write them quite often.

Of course, analytical essay topics for college aren’t only important to professors. They are good for you, as they develop critical thinking and scientific research skills. There’s one very important thing you should consider when you write such a report. Of course, you should think about the topic. If you choose uninteresting, boring, or too popular topics, your analytical essay won’t impress the professor. We’ve designed a compelling list of 100 fresh, one-of-a-kind essay topics that will get you an A.

How to Choose Analysis Essay Topics That Will Get You An A

Our analytical essay writing experts have shared their best experience on how to choose the perfect topic. Here is what they say:

Stay Interested

If you write about a topic that you have no interest in researching, the result will be mediocre. Choose topics that spark interest within you. Perhaps you want to know more about a certain phenomenon. There might be a certain social issue that bothers you. Or maybe, you want to share and deepen your knowledge about a certain thing. If nothing comes to your mind right now, address the best essay writing service where the specialists write articles about the latest trending topics. The expert help and guidance guarantee a high mark from your professor.

Talk to Others

If you are unsure what to write about, communicate with your friends or family. People often exchange ideas for each other’s benefit. For example, your friends might share an idea or two. These might make a great topic for an analytical essay. Your close ones and family will also help you to choose. To add, you can approach your high school professor and ask for topic examples. They have seen your work in the classroom, and perhaps they will come up with ideas for you.

Make the Right Choice

First, analytical essay experts advise brainstorming topics for analytical essays and write them down. You don’t need to write 500 or 200 topics - just note some ideas that come to your mind. After this, put away irrelevant ones. Exclude topics that aren’t in your area of interest. Also, when choosing, pay attention to the broadness of the topic. It shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow - that will make writing difficult. Also, search the Internet on your topic to make sure that there is enough information on it. Google Scholar might help a lot. If your topic caters to all these criteria, start writing.

Best Topics for Analytical Essay 2022

Are you looking for some great analytical essay topics? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared the best essay topics that are trending in 2022 - read below.

For College Students

College is different from high school, and there are higher levels of expectations put on you. Professors demand certain knowledge and skills, so you should choose good analytical essay topics. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. History of College Tuition

  2. When to Introduce Sex Education to Curriculum?

  3. College Education: Pros and Cons

  4. Maintaining Safety in College Towns

  5. College Students’ Drinking Addiction: Is It a Real Problem?

  6. Students and Long-Term Relationships: Are They Possible?

  7. Peer Pressure and Academic Students: Pros and Cons

  8. Pets in Classroom: Do They Belong in College Lessons?

  9. Teachers and Professors: Similar or Different?

  10. Campus and Sexual Violence: What to Do and How to Prevent

Analytical Essays Topics on Society

Society surrounds us even when we are at home via the Internet, news, or social media. Other people’s beliefs or problems affect us and form society around us. This subject is a goldmine of topics for analysis essay - see below:

  1. Morbid Events and Why People Are Drawn to Them

  2. How Hobbies Can Help People Cope with Tragedies

  3. What is Pack Mentality and What Psychology Says About It

  4. Why People Take Drugs: Choice, Necessity, and Other Reasons

  5. Expression of Feelings and Gender: Is It Coincidence or Pattern?

  6. What is Weight Shaming and How to Stop It

  7. Domestic Violence and Neighbors: Why do They Stay Quiet?

  8. Asexuals and LGBTQ Community: Where Do They Belong?

  9. Sexuality and Risk of Assault: Who Is in Danger

  10. How Society Forms Our Personality: Real-Life Examples

Rhetorical Analysis Essays

Rhetorics is the science of giving a speech. It's complicated, so turn to a good essay proofreading service to make sure you did everything right. Here are some ideas:

  1. Presidents and Speeches: Who Was the Most Impressive?

  2. What Are the Best Orator’s Skills?

  3. Methods to Make Your Speech Effective

  4. How to Overcome a Fear of Speaking

  5. Kim Wall’s Interviews and Her Personality: Analysis

  6. What is More Effective: Speeches vs Letters

  7. Stephen King: Tactics to Terrify Audience

  8. Strengths and Weaknesses of Twilight: Physical Appearance

  9. Monologues of Hannibal Lector in “Hannibal” TV Show: Why They Catch Us

  10. Concise Way vs Flowery Way of Talking: Which is Best?

Literature and Culture Analytical Essays Ideas

Literary analysis essay topics are some of the most popular. Still, finding the original one is hard. Take a look at the ones below:

  1. Romanticized Violence: Does It Belong in Literary Works?

  2. “Harry Potter” and Love Stories: Which Is the Best

  3. Cultural Stereotypes in Books and Their Origins

  4. Katniss Everdeen as a Symbol of Revolution

  5. Key Differences between American and Chinese Culture

  6. Animals and Books: Most Impressive Portrayal

  7. Bella Swan: Is She Irritating or Compelling?

  8. Success Behind Harry Potter: Reasons of Fame

  9. Is Fanfiction a Literature? 

  10. Your Favorite Short Story: Full Analysis

Social Media and Technology Topics

Social media plays an essential role in our lives. It’s worth good topics for analysis essays - consider ones below.

  1. Technology and Employers: Did They Become More Demanding

  2. Social Media and Crimes: Is There a Link

  3. How Social Media Influences Us: Positives and Negatives

  4. Dangers of Online Dating Sites: Myth or Truth?

  5. Technologies and Working From Home: Perspectives

  6. Cameras and Police: Do They Help?

  7. Money and Social Media: How to Earn and What Are the Risks

  8. How Body Cam Helps Crime Resolution

  9. Online Spam: How to Recognize and Stop It

  10. Effects of 5G on Future Communications

Analytical Essays on History

If the past ages interest you, consider choosing one of these analytical essay topics ideas on History. These themes are both unusual and engaging, so you will have fun writing.

  1. Evolution of Historical Image of King Arthur

  2. US Three Most Crucial Battles

  3. 50th in America: 5 Greatest Events

  4. What if Hitler’s Ambitions Came True: Alternative History

  5. History of Mammoth: How They Lived & Disappeared

  6. Smallest Country of the World and Its History

  7. Past Relationships of Great Britain & US: How they Shaped Our World

  8. Europe’s Most Saturated Time: Eventful Year

  9. What is The Shortest War in History of the World?

  10. Historical Roots That Pertain to Black Americans

Sports Analytical Ideas

If you are a fan of sports or do them actively, look closely at these analytical essay topic ideas. Choose the one that speaks to you, do the research, and don’t forget to proofread your work.

  1. How to Avoid Mistakes While Choosing Running Apparel

  2. Why is Doping a Big Problem in Sports?

  3. Strange Places for Sports Events & Why They Were Chosen

  4. Coronavirus & Sports: How to Alleviate the Situation

  5. What Attracts Men to Sports?

  6. Longest Baseball Matches: When, Where, How

  7. What Happens to Players when They are Sold to Another Team: Impact on Self-Esteem

  8. What Makes a Sports Match Spectacular?

  9. Why Do People Like Violent Sports?

  10. Most Popular Rugby Player in the World: Why They Are So Successful?

Politics and Government

Are you planning a career in politics? Perhaps you like criticizing governments? Anyways, you might want to use these analysis topics:

  1. Qualities & Traits of a Perfect President

  2. Political Movies: What Draws Us to Them

  3. Who is the Most Influential Ruler in the World?

  4. Corruption in America: A History of Successes & Failures

  5. How to Lose a War with Minimal Losses

  6. Salaries of Politicians: How Are They Regulated?

  7. Coronavirus & Politics: What Has Changed?

  8. How International Relations Changed Your Country in the Last 10 Years

  9. Conflict Science: Modern Approach

  10. Nature of Political Conflicts: Where Do They Come From

Analytical Essays on Education and Schools

Education is a very important part of our lives - and very interesting, too! Here are some easy and engaging analytical essay ideas on Education:

  1. Bullying in Schools: Reasons & How to Stop It

  2. Tests in Schools: Pros & Cons

  3. Art Education: Importance in Schools

  4. Canceling the College Tuition: For & Against

  5. Standards of Education in Your Country: Do they Need Improving?

  6. Solving the Problem of Financing for Schools in Poor Neighborhoods

  7. Importance of School Uniforms

  8. Best Education System in the World

  9. What Makes a University Attractive to the Students

  10. How to Raise Motivation of College Students

Science Analytical Essay Topics

Science has one of the most appealing analysis essay topics for many students. Still, finding an interesting and up-to-date one might be hard. But we’re here to help.

  1. Why Are Modern Humans So Obsessed with Robots?

  2. Black Holes: What They Are & Why They Are So Hard to Explore

  3. Developing Vaccines: How to Do It

  4. Space Exploration & Why We Are So Fascinated With It

  5. Nanotechnologies in Daily Life: Why Do We Need It

  6. Why Cancer Still Has No Effective Cure

  7. Who & Why Needs Smart Clothes?

  8. Safety When Doing Experiments: Why Conducting Them Alone is a Bad Idea

  9. Covid-19: Where Is It in the Family of Viruses (MERS, SARS, other coronaviruses)?

  10. Chinese vs Western Medicine: Which Works Better?

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