300 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics

When you write an argumentative essay, you are required to use evidence along with your power of persuasion to convince readers that your position on an issue is correct. You must state your position, the reasons you hold that position, and then support your position with evidence. You should also deal with potential counter-arguments.

Before you do any of these things, you have an important step to take. You have to choose an interesting artumentative essay topic. It should be relevant to the class you’re taking, and hopefully meaningful to you as well. If you’re stuck on ideas, keep reading. We’ve got 45 topic ideas that current, engaging, and easy to research. To keep things really interesting, we’ll go into some detail on a few of the more interesting topics.

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Current And Controversial Topics

These are topics that can often be found in headline news articles. They are often controversial, and people have strong opinions about them.

  1. Childhood Obesity is a Community Health Problem Not a Parenting Issue

  2. People Who Carry Concealed Are Helping to Keep Others Safe

  3. Gun Violence Victims Should be Able to Sue Gun Manufacturers

  4. Background Checks Violate The Second Amendment

  5. Community Policing is Very Effective

  6. Student Loan Forgiveness Programs Must be Saved

  7. Tuition Rates Must be Rolled Back

  8. Evangelism is Destroying America

  9. A 15 Dollar Minimum Wage Will Save The Economy

  10. Privately Owned Prisons Should be Abolished

  11. Capital Punishment is Barbaric And Should be Banned

A few nations still have the death penalty. Are they correct? Is this a true deterrent or a just punishment for certain crimes? What about cases in which it was revealed that people who were wrongly convicted of capital crimes were actually innocent? Then there’s the issue of the death penalty being applied to minorities or people with diminished mental capacity.

There’s a lot to be said for the other side of the issue as well. Do you think that the victims’ families deserve this kind of justice? Also, it can be argued that even if capital punishment isn’t a deterrent, it is still a just consequence.

  1. Gender Roles Are an Outdated Social Construct

From a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military to the controversy over Target’s decision to implement unisex bathrooms, the topic of gender roles has been in the news quite frequently over the last few years. So, is the idea of gender outdated? Educate your readers on the difference between sex and gender. Then, take a strong stance on the issue.

  1. Racism is The Primary Cause of Police Brutality

  2. A Wall isn’t The Key to Immigration Reform

Recently, an immigrant caravan traveling from Central America towards the United States led to some very intense differences of opinion among Americans. Many politicians use the topic of illegal immigration as political fodder. Of course, the biggest matter of contention is the proposed wall between the United States and Mexico. Take a stand against the wall as suggested here, or turn the topic around to make an argument in favor of it.

  1. Pharmacists Who Are Against Abortion Must Still Fill Morning After Prescriptions

  2. Damage Suffered Due to Water, or Air Pollution is a Tort

A group of students is suing the United States federal government over the damages caused by air pollution. Some citizens of Flint Michigan are seeking legal remedies due to the permanent damage suffered by children who were exposed to lead in the water system. Is this right? Should causing air pollution be a tort liability?

  1. The Cause of Animal Rights Has Gone Awry

Nearly every moral and rational person is against animal cruelty, but where do we draw the line. For some people, any animal testing is wrong. For others, if it’s done to advance medical research, that’s fine, but it should never be used for testing commercial products. Then there are those who believe that the animal kingdom is the domain of mankind, and that the ends justify the means. What do you think?

  1. Comprehensive National Gun Control Laws Are Our Only Hope

  2. Affirmative Action Can Level The Economic Playing Field

  3. Global Warming Should be a Presidential Litmus

  4. It’s Time to Elect a Woman of Color as President

  5. Term Limits Simply Don’t Work

  6. Safe Spaces Stymie Free Speech

  7. The Arts And Crafts Movement Did More Harm Than Good

  8. Cable News is harmful

  9. Civil Forfeiture Laws Are Unjust

  10. NCAA Athletes Should Receive a Salary

  11. Olympic Athletes Should Not be Banned Because of The Behavior of Their Government

  12. Human Trafficking Training And Awareness is a Must For Law Enforcement

  13. Lowering The Drinking Age Will Have Tragic Consequences

  14. Yes! There Should be Limits on The Freedom of Speech

  15. The American Dream is a Harmful Notion

  16. The Gig Economy Isn’t Stable

  17. All People Deserve Free Healthcare

  18. Benefits Should Not Depend on Employment

  19. School Uniforms Are Not a Stop Gap For Bullying And Classism

  20. Arts in School Deserve as Much Funding as Athletics

  21. Magnet Schools Are The Wave of The Future

  22. Charter Schools Are Dangerous And Need More Regulation

  23. Social Networking Should be Banned For Anyone Under 18

  24. Violent Video Games Are Not a Factor in School Shootings

People have blamed violent video games for school shootings, teenage suicide, and an increased likelihood of domestic violence. Do you think this is accurate, or is this simply a way to deflect from the real issues at hand?

  1. Abstinence Education Leads to Teenage Pregnancy

  2. Stem Cell Research Funding Must be Increased

  3. There Are Economic Consequences to Banning Same Sex Marriage

A county clerk in Kentucky lost her job because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. A baker was sued because he refused to bake a cake when he realized it was for a gay marriage. 13 states still ban same sex marriage, and many of these places have been boycotted by members of the LGBTQ community and their allies. Clearly there are economic consequences to taking this stand. Is that appropriate?

  1. Early Exposure to Technology Does More Harm Than Good

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Local And Classroom Relevance

There are some essay topics that may be very relevant to you because of your location or the school you attend. These subjects tend to be very interesting to the people around you. Think about the hot topics in your town, or at your college or university.

  1. Revitalizing Main Street is Key to Our Town’s Economic Future

  2. Local Teenagers Don’t Deserve to be Banned From The Mall

  3. Our Athletic Department Must Address Allegations of Favoritism Now

The athletic departments at many colleges and universities have come under fire in recent years. Some people believe they exploit student athletes. There are others who believe that student athletes enjoy a protected status, often getting away with abuse and sexual assault. Finally, many people believe that athletic funding often comes at the expense of academics and the arts. There’s a lot to unpack here.

  1. We Need a Second Local Newspaper For Balance

  2. Our Local Government Needs to Adopt a Better Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure refers to roads, bridges, water systems, public transportation, telecommunications, electricity, and other services that make living and working someplace attractive. Having good infrastructure means keeping all of these systems up and in good repair. Then there’s the matter of the future. Is your town ready to continue supporting its citizens and businesses with the services they need? Do they need to implement a plan for the future?

  1. Community Service Should be Mandatory For High School Graduation

  2. Our School Mascot is Insensitive And Must be Renamed

General Ethics And Morality

Topics that address ethics and morality are universal. Consider weighing in on the following topics:

  1. Monogamy Isn’t Necessary For a Healthy Marriage

  2. Lying Isn’t Always Immoral

Is telling a lie always wrong? What if it serves a just cause? What if a lie prevents someone from being hurt? Make an argument that dishonesty isn’t always immoral, or take the opposite stance. Support the notion that honesty is always preferable regardless of the consequences.

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  1. Life Imprisonment For Juvenile Offenders is a Just Punishment

  2. Do Atheists Have Lower Moral Standards Than Believers?

  3. Community’s Have The Right to Set Moral Standards of Behavior

Should a city be able to ban the sale of alcohol, even if the state has no laws against it? What about gambling? Should a county be able to refuse to issue permits to businesses that will allow their patrons to gamble? Are there any instances where a community should be allowed to pass laws that enforce a stricter set of statutes than that applied by the state or federal government.

  1. Corporations Are Only Obligated to Make a Profit

  2. Is The ‘Friend Zone’ a Damaging Social Construct?

Are guys who refer to being in the friend zone creepy misogynists? Can someone be sincerely friendly with a member of the opposite sex, but also disappointed they aren’t in a romantic relationship with them?

  1. Should Universities Have Safe Spaces or Free Speech Zones?

  2. Businesses Don’t Have The Right to Deny Services to Same Sex Couples

  3. Boycotts Are an Effective Form of Protest

  4. Celebrities Should Not Share Their Political Opinions

  5. Schools Should Not Teach Abstinence

  6. Traditional Marriage Must be Preserved

  7. People of All Political Beliefs Should be Able to Speak on Campus

Fun And Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Not every essay topic needs to deep and intense. In some cases, it’s perfectly fine to pick a topic that is simply fun or entertaining. Here are some great ideas:

  1. The Harry Potter Franchise Has Gone on For Too Long

  2. The First Three Star Wars Movies Are Still The Best

  3. Disney’s License Agreement With Marvel Comics is a Terrible Idea

  4. Graffiti Isn’t Art

  5. Resort Vacations Are Overrated

  6. Sports Cars Aren't Worth The Extra Cost

  7. Experiences Are Better Than Presents

  8. Deadpool is The Most Cleverly Written Superhero Character in Recent Years

  9. The Microbrewery Scene is Stuck up And Full of Pretentious Hipsters

  10. Millennial Bashing Has no Basis in Accuracy

  11. Local Theater Deserves Community Support

  12. Extroverts Are People Too!

  13. Ska is an Underrated Musical Genre

  14. Remakes Are Killing The Film Industry

It may seem as if nearly every movie is a remake of an older film, or it’s an adaptation of an older tv show. Speaking of TV shows, even those are being recycled. What are the impacts of this? Is it possible to be creative and produce good writing on projects like these, or do remakes simply need to go away.

  1. eSports Players Are Athletes

  2. Streaming Will be The End of Major Record Labels

  3. Torrenting is Intellectual Theft

  4. Learning to Draw on Paper is The Best Method

  5. Fanfiction is a Legitimate Art Form

  6. Tumblr is an Underrated Social Media Platform

  7. Undertale is The Best Video Game Online

  8. The Zelda Franchise is Better Than The Mario Franchise

  9. Runescape is an Underrated RPG

  10. Kevin Smith is an Overrated Director

  11. Andrew WK And Steev Mike Are The Same Person

  12. Most Rap Rivalries Are Made up by The Studios

  13. Everyone Has Artistic Talent

  14. Printed Books Are Better Than Digital

  15. Photographers Charge Too Much Money

  16. Molecular Gastronomy is Not Real Cuisine

  17. A 20% Tip is Too Much

  18. Nike Makes Better Shoes Than Converse

  19. Shoppings Malls Aren’t as Dead as People Think

  20. Food Trucks Are Overrated

  21. Smoking Should be Banned From All Public Places

  22. Fast Food Causes Obesity

  23. Cell Phones Don’t Belong in The Classroom

  24. Social Media is an Important Skill

  25. What is Your Position on Pirating

  26. Chinese Should be Offered as a Foreign Language

  27. Bilingualism Helps Children

  28. English Should be The Official Language of The USA

  29. GMO Foods Should be Banned

  30. Pain Rating Scales Are Bogus

  31. There Are More Negatives to Using The Internet Than Positive

  32. The Drinking Age Should be 18

  33. Globalization is Evil

  34. Driving With a Cell Phone Isn’t That Bad

  35. There Are Benefits to Cloning

  36. People Should Never Give DNA to Genealogy Websites

  37. Students Use Facebook Because They Miss Human Connections

  38. Alternative Energy is Overrated

  39. There Are Great Reasons to be For The Death Penalty

  40. Vegetarianism is Unnatural

  41. Smoking Tobacco is Harmful to The Planet

  42. Men Are More Criminally Inclined

  43. China is The Key to Ending Pollution

  44. An Ebola Epidemic is Inevitable

  45. Pulling Out of Syria Was a Mistake

  46. Brexit Will Never Happen

  47. We Need an Internet Bill of Privacy Rights

  48. Every Person Should Care About The Environment

  49. Local Environmental Activism is Most Important

  50. Manufacturers Must be Held Accountable For Environmental Damage

  51. We Must Decrease The Population

  52. Every Human Deserves Clean Water

  53. We Must Stop Poaching

  54. We Should Make Education More Fun

  55. Hunting is Good For The Environment

  56. Recycling Should be Mandatory

  57. Healthcare Should Focus on Long Term Wellness

  58. Global Warming Will Lead to Serious Health Epidemics

  59. Sexism Drives Fashion

  60. Boredom Causes Delinquency

  61. Single Gender Schools Should be Banned

  62. The Government Cannot Provide Effective Healthcare

  63. 16 is The Best Age to STart Dating

  64. Homework Causes Family Strife

  65. The Death Penalty is Outdated

  66. Gay Couples Should be Allowed to Adopt Children

  67. The War in Vietnam Was Unjustified

  68. 21 is The Suitable Age For Voting

  69. Military Service Should be Mandatory

  70. Destruction of Rainforests Should be Banned

  71. Wealth Coincides With Happiness

  72. Corporal Punishment is Cruel And Unusual Punishment

  73. Pornography Should be Banned

  74. Most National History Stories Are Fabricated

  75. 30 is The Most Suitable Age For Marriage

  76. Teen Marriage Should be Banned

  77. Long Distance Relationships Never Work

  78. Mobile Phones Are Bad

  79. Alcohol Advertising Should be Banned

  80. Alternative Medicines Are a Scam

  81. Education is Key to Helping Developing Nations

  82. Cloning is Highly Immoral

  83. Pacifism is Not Realistic

  84. Sex Education in Schools Must be Increased

  85. There is Too Much Sex And Violence on TV

  86. Animals Shouldn’t be in Zoos

  87. Deforestation Should be Illegal

  88. Bombing Hiroshima Was a Mistake

  89. LBJ Radicalized The REpublican Party

  90. Google Should Not Have Your Medical Records

  91. The War in Afghanistan is Unjustified

  92. Wild Fish is Better Than Farmed

  93. The Only Acceptable Fish is Line And Pole Caught

  94. Steve Jobs Changed The World

  95. Corporate Veil is Damaging

  96. Arranged Marriages Are a Blessing

  97. Social Media Can Bring Distant Relatives Closer Together

  98. Divorce Makes Resilient Children

  99. Friendships Fail Due to Neglect

  100. Abstinence Prevents Teen Pregnancy

  101. Competition Makes Better Healthcare

  102. We Need Free Markets Not More Regulations

  103. Mitch Mcconnell Must be Remove

  104. The Democrats Should Give in About The Wall

  105. All High School Students Should Take Parenting Classes

  106. Workplace Dress Codes Are Outdated

  107. People Should Not be Discriminated Against Over Tattoos And Piercings

  108. Public Transportation Should be Free For City Residents

  109. We Are Too Technology Dependent

  110. Smoking Increases Socialization

  111. Playing Football Causes CTE

  112. Energy Drinks Should be Banned

  113. Lecture Attendance Should be Optional For College Students

  114. Sports Teams Should be Gender Neutral

  115. Teenagers Shouldn’t Need Parental Permission to Get Birth Control

  116. Extra Credit Should be Banned

  117. Students Should Receive Religious Education

  118. Students And Teachers Should Not Connect on Social Media

  119. Advertising to Children Should be Banned

  120. 14 Year Olds Should be Allowed to Work

  121. All College Freshman Should Live on Campus

  122. Children Should Choose Their Own Gender

  123. Sesame Street is Too Political

  124. Everyone Should Grow Their Own vegetables

  125. People Don’t Drink Enough Water

  126. Exercise Doesn’t Cause Weight Loss

  127. Pets Are Beneficial to The Airlines

  128. Animals Should Not be Allowed on Airplanes

  129. Child Support Absconders Should Not be Jailed

  130. Anorexia Can be Blamed on Fat Shaming

  131. Video Game Rating Systems Are Censorship

  132. Executing Saddam Hussein Was Necessary

  133. College Graduates Should Take a Gap Year

  134. Teachers Should Stay Out of Student’s Lives

  135. The Next War Will Involve Nuclear Weapons

  136. Everyone Has a Right to be Forgotten

  137. Facebook Doesn’t Owe Anyone Privacy

  138. Adoption Can be Harmful

  139. People Should be Imprisoned For Driving Drunk

  140. Movie Rewards Shows Are Overindulgent

  141. YouTube Stars Don’t Contribute Anything Meaningful

  142. Wearing Fur is Sinful

  143. Polygamy Should be Legal

  144. Russia Should Bury Lenin

  145. Nude Beaches Should be Banished

  146. Public Displays of Affection Are Inappropriate

  147. Puerto Rico Should be a State

  148. People Should be Fined For Playing Loud Music

  149. Homeowners Should Not Own Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

  150. Tipping Should be at Least 25%

  151. Uber Drivers Should Make Minimum Wage

  152. Urban Foraging Should be Legalized

  153. Restaurants Should be Fined For Wasting Food

  154. National Park Should be Closed Until The Government Shutdown Ends

  155. Teachers Should Not be Allowed to Strike

  156. It’s Better For Students to Attend The Same School For The First 12 Years

  157. Homeschooling Leaves Children Poorly Socialized

  158. There Should be Drug Testing in Middle Schools

  159. Standardized Testing is Overemphasized

  160. Standard Testing is a Poor Measurement of Ability

  161. Schools Should Give Cash Awards For Attendance

  162. High School Should be a Two Year Program

  163. Students Don’t Have Enough Creative Opportunities

  164. Students Aren’t Learning The Right Things in School

  165. Dropping Out Should Never Be Allowed

  166. Early Graduation is Beneficial

  167. The School Year Should be Longer

  168. Schools Should Group Students According to Ability

  169. New Math Helps Students

  170. Paper Should be Banned on Campus

  171. Campuses Should go Green

  172. Baseball is Boring

  173. Women Are Better Collaborators

  174. People Should Boycott Football

  175. Most Pranks Are Bullying

  176. Children Should not Play Contact Sports

  177. Boys Have More Meaningful Friendships Than Girls

  178. Parents Take Youth Sports Too Seriously

  179. Sports Teams Should Not Use Native American Names or Mascots

  180. Cheerleading is Not a Sport

  181. Coaches Should be Less Strict With Athletes

  182. Wellness Programs Should Replace Sports

  183. If my State Had a Budget Surplus I Would Spend it on Solar Energy

  184. Military Force is Never Justified

  185. Homeschoolers Should be Allowed to Play School Athletics

  186. My Mayor Should Solve The Problem of Homelessness

  187. The Government Should be Allowed to Wiretap Without Warrants

  188. Action Must be Taken to Prevent Erosion

  189. All Sports Betting Should be Banned

  190. Stop And Frisk Should be Illegal

  191. Burning The Flag is Free Speech

  192. Protest Rallies Are a Waste of Time

  193. #MeToo Will Protect Men And Women Alike

  194. Sports Are Too Commercialized

  195. Facebook is Dying

  196. Cord Cutters Have The Right Idea

  197. Rich People Often Get Away With Breaking The Law

  198. The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

  199. There Should be Laws Against Offensiveness

  200. We Must Prevent Mass Shootings

  201. You Become an Adult When You Are Financially Independent

  202. People Can Learn a Lot From Millennials

  203. Dating is Outdated

  204. There is Too Much Pressure on Gifted Students

  205. First Year College Students Should Live in The Dorms

  206. Going to a Two Year School is a Great Way to Save Money

  207. Participation Trophies Have Ruined Children

  208. Children Should Choose Their Own Religion

  209. We Need Term Limits

  210. Parents Alone Should Teach Children Morality

  211. Grades Don’t Really Matter

  212. Filibustering Should be Banned

  213. All Cars Should Use Alternative Fuels

  214. Congress Should Fund Green Energy

  215. Earned Income Tax is a Form of Welfare

  216. Stores Should be Closed on Sundays

  217. There Should be a Vote on The Shutdown

  218. It is Wrong For Bars to Ban Women

  219. There Should be a Public Dress Code

  220. Taxpayers Should Not Fund Art

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, one of these topics will be perfect for your next argumentative essay. If not, they can surely serve as inspiration for an original idea. Just remember when you wonder how to write an argumentative essay that every good essay starts with a great topic, is well-written, and contains great supporting evidence.

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