Best Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

Good narrative essay topics are popular because narrative essays are the most common academic task. In these essays, you need to tell your personal story in an interesting and engaging way. Regardless of your specialty or grade, professors often give you narrative essays as homework. Still, simply writing an essay without a plan is not the best idea. Professors value an in-depth approach to your topic. At the same time, narrative assignment demands a great degree of creativity.

Of course, such a hard task needs great topics for narrative essay. You need them to get your preferred grade because a good topic is half the work. If you are interested in what you do, you are more motivated. You have more interesting ideas and do high-quality research. Professors will value your efforts when they see how much you’ve put in. Plus, narrative essays are also vital for your personal development, as they train your descriptive skills, imagination, and style. They help you reflect on your experience and personality. 

Best Tips on Choosing Narrative Essays Ideas

Writing a narrative essay seems like fun, but it also requires a bit of elbow grease. First, you shouldn’t confuse it with other essay types such as descriptive or argumentative. Today, we’ve prepared these top tips for writing your narrative papers.

Tip 1: Think About Your Past

It’s always best to choose something you’ve experienced on your own. If you have made certain conclusions or learned something, write about it. For example, think about what made you stronger or changed your core views. You can choose narrative essays topics about an important person like a teacher or parent. It’s possible to choose a movie or music star who influenced your views. The topic should matter and make sense to your professor, but it also should hold value for yourself.

Choosing the topic is hard, but writing is harder. After you’ve chosen the topic, you don’t have to go all by yourself. You can turn to top essay writing services where professionals will help you write and proofread your work. Once you give your ideas to our paper writing experts, they can give you free essay samples on your topic and help you write. So, choose the topic carefully and give original, fresh ideas that stem from your own history. 

Tip 2: Brainstorm

To produce good narrative ideas, set yourself free and brainstorm. Note down everything that comes to your mind without criticizing any of your ideas. They can be crazy or funny - you will cross out irrelevant topics later. When you have a long list of ideas, choose the ones that you like best. If it’s hard to brainstorm on your own, try speaking to a friend or a family member. They know you like nobody else, so they can remind you about crucial events of your life. You also can look through your old diaries or Internet posts for inspiration.

Tip 3: Search the Internet

One of the good ways to get good narrative topics is by searching the Internet. You can see which topics other people choose or recommend. But remember that you need to personalize the topics you see on the Net. They tend to lack individuality and are too popular. You need to give them more of a personal story. First, pick topics from the Internet that you like and note them down. Then, add something personal, be it a person, place, or event. You might start from our top 100 topics below.

100 Personal Narrative Ideas Approved by Professors

Choosing a topic from a bunch of ideas might be hard. So, we’ve asked our essay writing specialists to group them by subjects and themes. Here is what they got:

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Writing an autobiographical essay is always a good idea. You can write yourself - or better, give your topic to the best college essay editing service with top specialists. Anyways, these topics are engaging and fun, so give them a try. 

  1. My 5 Steps to Regain Motivation for Studies

  2. My Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle Without Spending a Fortune

  3. My Journey as a Part-Time Barista: What I Learnt

  4. Explore Your Hometown: 5 Best Places to Go

  5. Time I Volunteered and What It Changed in My Life

  6. Hobby that Became My Future Profession

  7. How I Fought Panic Attacks/Depression

  8. An Unlikely Role Model that Changed My Behavior

  9. Most Inspiring Event in Life

  10. One Personal Opinion That Others Hated

Technology and Social Media

Social media might play a crucial role in your story. Did you have an online business? Or maybe you’ve found your true love online? Consider those personal narrative essay ideas about social media and technology.

  1. Why I Decided to Delete My Facebook Account

  2. The Most Memorable Time on Twitter

  3. Message I Wish I’d Never Written

  4. Why I Like Sharing Pictures on Social Media

  5. The Worst/Best Email That I’ve Written

  6. One Time I Was Caught Using My Phone On a Lesson

  7. Robot for Pet: Would I Have One?

  8. Is Being a Blogger a Dream or a Nightmare

  9. Social Media Networking: Why I Love and Hate It

  10. Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Password with Anyone

Narrative Essay Ideas For College Students

Certain narrative writing topics are especially good for college. They describe campus, student’s life, professors, as well as various problems. Here are some topics to consider.

  1. Time I Argued with Professor Because They Were Wrong

  2. One Illegal Action That I Did and Regretted It

  3. The Most Scandalous Party In My Life

  4. Meeting of My Life and How it Changed Me

  5. How Do I Stay Friends from People That Went to Different College

  6. Losing Bet with Consequences

  7. How Not to Give Up When Employers Reject You

  8. Time When I Didn’t Do Homework and Regretted It

  9. Interesting Films About College and What they Taught Me

  10. Reasons to Start Your Blog about College

Cultural Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Culture surrounds us each day. There are many different cultures, which makes them a great source for personal narrative topics. Whether it’s your culture or someone else’s, you have many things to write about:

  1. How Learning Foreign Language Helped Me Understand Another Culture

  2. Time I Experienced Culture Shock

  3. How is Culture Related to Society

  4. Foreign Culture That I Can Relate To

  5. Culture of Music in My Country

  6. Why I Celebrate Certain Holiday Differently Than Others

  7. Cultural Differences in Communication: How I Overcame Them

  8. My Family Traditions Tied to Culture

  9. How Traveling to Different Cultures Changed Me

  10. How Local Culture Affects My Worldview

Narrative Essay on Love and Friendship

Everyone wants to make friendships, love, and be loved. The topics below will help you to elaborate on your past or present relations with people. Such essays are easy to write, so there are many narrative essay ideas:

  1. How I Lost a Friend

  2. How I Made Friends in Weird Circumstances

  3. One Time I Had Disagreement With a Friend

  4. My Friend from High School and How We Changed Since

  5. Do I Tend to Take More Risk with Best Friends Around and Why

  6. My First Love Story

  7. One Time I Was Unloved and How It Changed Me

  8. Relationships with Age Gap: Do They Work?

  9. Do Long-Distance Relationships Have a Future?

  10. Love in Movies and Real Life: Is It Different?

Narrative Essay Prompts About Life in General

People can talk about life for hours. It’s a very philosophical topic, but if you feel like writing a thoughtful essay, give these themes a go. These essays are hard, so you need help, turn to best dissertation proofreaders to get an error-free paper. Top essay specialists will help you meet your professor requirements on these topics:

  1. Living with Depression

  2. Fiction and Life: Does One Help Another?

  3. One Time I Was Sick and Worried I Might Not Get Better

  4. How Lockdown Changed My Life

  5. How Near-Death Experience Changed my Worldview

  6. How to Be Happy Even at Hard Times

  7. Memento Mori: How to Understand Death and Plan Life Accordingly

  8. Finding a Way to Move On After Losing a Loved One

  9. The Value and Importance of Dreams in Our Life

  10. How Living on Campus Influenced Me

Education Narrative Essay Topics

Getting an education is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work. Both students and teachers would like to make the education process better, so choose a topic for a narrative essay below:

  1. Teacher Who Disliked Me at First Sight

  2. Worst Paragraph in My Life and How I Finally Redid It

  3. Bad Marks at School & Punishment at Home

  4. Indifferent Teachers: How They Hurt Us

  5. How to Stay Motivated Against All Odds

  6. Does Higher Education Guarantee Employment in the Modern World?

  7. Parties, Studies, or Both: How to Make It Work

  8. Most Interesting Academic Research of My Life

  9. My Favorite Teacher and How They Influenced Me

  10. Gender and Sexual Education at School: Is it Acceptable?

Narrative Essay Prompts For High School

Narrative essay prompts for high school are different from college ones. They tend to be easier and cover high school issues. Feel free to use the ones below:

  1. Moment When Math Saved My Life

  2. Thing I Bought on My Birthday Money & Why I Did It

  3. Age-Related Stereotypes and How they Affect Me

  4. Doing My Homework with Parents: How it Made Me Feel

  5. My Childish Dreams and How Do They Impact Me Now

  6. An Unlikely Hobby I Am A Bit Ashamed Of

  7. Having a Pet and How it Impacted Me

  8. Happiest Day of My Life

  9. Why You Should Never Cheat in Exams

  10. An Event that Helped Me to Develop Empathy

Social Issues

Unfortunately, our world is full of issues of different kinds. Still, we might start solving them once we raise the question. Think of these ideas for narrative essay about social issues:

  1. How I Discovered Feminism & What it Meant to Me

  2. Parents & Privacy: Is it Okay When They Control Your Every Move

  3. Weight Shaming and Me: How I Overcame my Body Issues

  4. One Time I Witnessed School Bullying

  5. Homophobic Family and How it Affected My Self Worth

  6. Cruelty and Teenagers: Why Do They Go Hand in Hand

  7. How I Became Vegan/Vegetarian and What it Means for Me

  8. Gender Bias and Ways to Stop It

  9. Harassment and Catcalling on the Streets

  10. Ecological Problems And What I Can Do About Them

Funny and Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

If you are a fun person, choose these topics for a narrative essay. They involve a great deal of humor, imagination, and creativity. Enjoy!

  1. How Memes Helped Me Get Through Difficult Times/Situation

  2. Cats on the Internet: History and Importance

  3. The Rise of Stand-Up Shows: Where Did It Start

  4. One Time I Pranked a Person/Was Pranked and What Happened Then

  5. The Most Amazing/Worst Day Of My Life

  6. One Time I Got Lost & How I Found a Way Back

  7. Paranormal Moment of My Life: Something I Cannot Explain

  8. Reasons Why My Neighbors Hate Me

  9. The Most Difficult Decision In My Life

  10. One Time I Cried and Couldn’t Stop

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