How to Cheat on Homework and Not Outsmart Yourself?
Posted by Chris M.

How to Cheat on Homework and Not Outsmart Yourself?

Is homework becoming overwhelming? You should know that you are not alone and should not feel that you are failing as a student. There are lots of reasons why homework piles up. The temptation to find ways to cheat on homework is great. And why do students cheat on homework?

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proofreading practice
Posted by Diana B.

Improving Proofreading Skills: Exercises for Proofread Practice

It’s important to learn to proofread. The only problem is that searching for information on how to improve proofreading skills often leads to stuff that’s more suitable for school kids. Finding a proper guide or effective strategies that will help you polish your writing may be next to impossible.

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Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics
Posted by Diana B.

300 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

We’ve got 100 topic ideas that current, engaging, and easy to research. To keep things really interesting, we’ll go into some detail on a few of the more interesting topics.

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Posted by Diana B.

What Are the Best Excuses for Being Late to School? Check Out The List

We’ve all been there. We’re late to class or to school, and we’re going to have to come up with some excuse other than the truth that we were playing video games or were on Facebook and just lost track of time. There are all kinds of excuses for being late to class or to school – some are serious 

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