How to Fix My Essay If It's Broken and I'm at the Dead End?

Have you ever had a moment where you looked at your half-written work and thought, “Man, something isn’t right. How do I fix my essay?” Many students go through something like this, and in most cases, they have no idea what they could do to strengthen their writing and still get a passable grade for it. If you are in the same situation, don’t worry. Help is on the way. We have a collection of useful suggestions, and once you read them, you’ll know what to do.

Facing a Dead End: How Does It Happen?

Very often, students become so frustrated with their writing that they start looking for the best coursework writing service, hoping to get professional help. College assignments could indeed be difficult, but there is always a solution that will let you fix your essay. Before we look for it, though, we need to understand what went wrong and how we ended up in a gridlock. Here are a few common options.

  • Losing the sense of direction. Students could begin writing an essay with an idea in mind and then slowly understand that they arrived at completely new conclusions. For example, students might have wanted to explore physical damage associated with some diseases. Their introduction and the first couple of paragraphs were dedicated to it, but then they ventured off and began to explore psychological effects by accident — this is where they are currently at. Thesis and two body paragraphs are about one thing; the other three paragraphs are about something else. Losing your initial point and going in another direction is one of the most common errors among students.

  • Lacking good sources. Some people want to correct a paper because they realize there are no good and credible sources about their topic or position. Let’s imagine you were planning on exploring the fact that in five years, scientists will find a cancer cure. You thought you had great articles that would support this view and help you complete your paper, but upon closer look, you realized they are not academic in nature. They were written by some random Internet users, and the magazine claims it carries no responsibility for their accuracy. You’ve already completed some parts, but now a dead end is looming since as you found out, credible sources on this topic don’t exist yet.

  • Running out of ideas. Students often overestimate the supply of their ideas. They think, “I need to write 5 pages and I have a good idea!”, but then it turns out that this idea has very few points. They explored them all in 3 pages, so now they realize, “I have to correct my paper or I’ll never get the passing mark.”

  • Understanding that an argument is not sustainable. College professors frequently ask for argumentative papers. To follow all requirements, students come up with a topic, develop their unique position on it, and begin arguing to prove it. But sometimes mistakes happen. You could be certain that ratings of “Santa Barbara” fell drastically after the main actors were replaced. You began to write your paper, but when you reached the middle, you suddenly saw that real stats don’t support what you believed to be true. This soap opera became even more popular, even though it got mostly negative reviews. So now you’re stuck, knowing you made a big error from the very start and not knowing how to correct it.

  • Relying on other people’s ideas too much. Students interested in correcting essays could be motivated by knowledge that they used too many quotes and thoughts of other people. It happens when they suppose that someone else made better comments than them, so instead of supporting their words, they over-rely on citations. At this rate, by the end of an essay, more than a half could be a compilation of quotes and paraphrases from other books or articles, which is plagiarism. This is a sure way to face a dead end.

How to Know When to Correct My Essay?

Another step is determining the scope of your problem. Think about it this way: what could you do to fix it? Maybe an issue is just with the title — it gives readers a wrong idea and changing it would be enough? Some mistakes are pretty small. They might concern grammar or punctuation since not everyone is a grammatical genius. Students who aren’t native speakers are at a heightened risk here. In this case, you could correct everything easily: use an online grammar checker or consider hiring professional dissertation editing services whose experts will proofread and polish everything for you.

If the issue is with a single paragraph, then you could correct essay easily. If you used a bad source, and it affected all the content, improving it would be more difficult. A similar principle concerns weak thesis, flawed initial argument, bad flow, etc. By understanding how much you should correct, you’ll be a step closer to doing it.

Looking for Efficient Solutions to Fix My Paper

Now that you figured out what is wrong with your paper, you can step up to fixing it. Take a look below. There are a number of useful ideas that a lot of students aren’t aware of but which can help them save their broken essay. They are related to five common problems we identified above.

  • Embrace another direction by changing the thesis. If you realized that you lost your initial direction and started exploring a new topic, go back to your thesis and change it. Thesis is usually a sentence, so it will take a minute, not more. Using our previous example with disease: if you intended to research physical effects but then wrote about psychological, combine them. Add both to the thesis and tweak paragraphs a bit for them to reflect your new purpose. If there are any issues, you might come to the idea, “I’d like to fix my essay errors free online,” but human experts won’t agree to it. Still, there is an option. If you cannot come up with another one, try a free thesis generator — there are many of them online.

  • Turn your point around by selecting new sources. You claimed that cancer cure will be found soon, but now you know that credible sources say the opposite. Great! Use them. Change your point: state that no such cure could be found in the nearest future. You’ll be able to reuse what you’ve written and just change it from affirmation to denial.

  • Add minor details to paragraphs for expanding content. When wondering, “I wanna  fix my writing,” students hope that minor corrections would be enough. Sometimes they are! If you suppose you’ve exhausted all ideas, expand on the ones you have already described. Make each paragraph a bit longer. If space remains, use an idea generator and come up with a related point.

  • Remove and rewrite. In case an entire essay focused on something that turned out to not be true, engage in partial rewriting. For example, point out that while Santa Barbara ratings increased, reviews turned negative. Replace “ratings” with “reviews” in some places to make less corrections and preserve more of your content. If there is too much work, and you feel wary, contact one of the best sites for essay writing and tell them, “Could you fix an essay for me?” It’ll save time.

  • Base your thoughts on citations and cut quotes down. If an essay has too many citations and is in danger of failing for plagiarism, first, remove a big part of direct quotes. There cannot be more than 10%. But you might be thinking, “How to fix my paragraph?” after this. If you feel insecure about your ideas, just develop them from the quotes you used. Speak in your own words and indicate what inspired them — this is how you’ll avoid plagiarism and finish writing your paper.

Heal Your Essay and Impress Your Readers

There are many ways to fix mistakes with an essay, so evaluate your problem and correct it! Apart from everything we’ve mentioned, be sure to edit everything, too. Your spelling and grammar must be perfect. Check your paper again after making corrections: how does it sound now? If you like it, submit it and wait for results. If something still doesn’t feel right, repeat the evaluation process and find a new enhanced cure. This will sharpen your essay correcting skills, so soon, you won’t need to change much — you’ll write great papers from the start.

Posted by Diana B., September 09, 2021

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