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BestEssayHelp Review is a professional writing service that is getting the attention of many of our audience members. We have received several requests for information from students and others who want to know if Best Essay Help is a fraud or scam, or if they can trust this company with their writing needs. We are providing this review to answer these questions.

Before we get started, here are the steps we took to learn as much as possible about BestEssayHelp.

  • We researched online reading customer testimonials and online customer reviews.
  • We also searched the BBB for any concerning history.
  • We placed an order for writing services and reviewed the document we received.
  • We explored the writing service website in search of any features worth mentioning.
  • We conducted a price comparison with similar writing services.
  • We looked for discounts, coupon codes, and other special offers.

Review Criteria

Every writing service we review is measured by the same standards. This ensures that we are as fair as possible when we weigh all the pros & cons. Best Essay Help is no exception. Here are our criteria.

  • Writing must be professional and at the appropriate academic level
  • Papers must be delivered on time
  • Writer must be professional and communicative
  • Prices should be fair and reasonable
  • The company should have a good reputation among past customers
  • Navigating the website should be an easy task

If we notice anything extra we think people will appreciate we will mention those things as well.  However, the points listed above are what we use to determine whether or not we approve of a writing service.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

Students and others will find an array of academic and business writing services. For this review, we placed an order for a college level essay. Other writing offerings include, research papers, book reports, presentations, lab reports, and admissions essays. Business writing includes copywriting, web content, and other services commonly offered to business professionals.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

We received our paper on time, and we were charged appropriately for our order. However, many past customers report issues with quality and on time delivery. This is obviously a cause for concern

Factor 3: Level of Quality

We received our paper on time, and were eager to review it. Unfortunately, we were quickly disappointed. There were multiple spelling and grammatical issues. Further, the writer failed to cover our points with the depth expected in college level writing.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

BestessayHelp charged us 21 dollars per page for a very basic, college level essay. This is significantly higher than other services. In addition to this, we were unable to use a promo code or other offer. The combination of high costs and lack of any discount offer was very disappointing.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

We did not find much of interest here. There is a writing guide. There are also writing samples. Truth be told, the ones we reviewed were actually pretty good. Customers should be aware that the product they receive will likely not match these in quality in any way.

Concluding Comments

Unfortunately, we have to give Best Essay Help a final rating of poor. There were several issues that factored into our decision. Most important was the poor writing. It simply didn’t meet even the lowest of our standards. In addition to this, the prices were above average, not something we found acceptable given the other issues. We also experienced problems with navigating their website and placing our order.

While we can’t give this service our approval, there are plenty of services that we are happy to recommend to students and others. Keep reading our other reviews to find the ideal writing service for your needs.

Customer Reviews of “”
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Christine commented
They are expensive and though I have no complaints about the research they made and the quality of writing, I could get it all by much lower price elsewhere. No discounts, as stated in the post above. And I hate that I have to go through several redirects before actually getting to the page I want on their website!
Comments (2)
  • User comment image
    REPLY Brandt commented
    I made my mind about buying here based on the example essay on waste disposal: it's super researched and well-written, my teacher would love it. Unfortunately, the paper I received looked more like a wall of text, impossible to read. Sadly, I payed twice the amount I would if ordered from a different company.
  • User comment image
    REPLY William commented
    The writer I got turned out to be completely unaware about anything concerning family law! I filled out the order form carefully, attached some sources and briefly outlines the structure of the study and yet he kept bombarding me with questions like "please specify the subject" and "do you want me to write about x, that may add up to the page count". I need a paper with clear problem statement and conclusion and I don't need any more pages than I specified in the order form! Currently I'm trying to submit my paper for revision, they resist.
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