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  • Quality 4.6
  • Delivery 5.7
  • Usability 4.0
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HireWriters Review is a fairly new content writing service. Unlike many of the services we review Hire Writers is more of a clearinghouse that matches people who need writing services with writers. Because of this, our approach was slightly different than usual.

We still read customer reviews of HireWriters. We also researched on the internet and the BBB website. We searched out testimonials, but found none on Hire Writers that we found to be very credible. However, it was difficult to compare prices, for example, because it is not an academic writing website. Ultimately, we submitted a writing request to HireWriters. The following is our review based on those experiences.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

It’s important to remember that this is not an academic writing site per se. It is simply a content writing service. This means they write articles, social media posts, provide article rewriting services, etc. We requested an original article, 500 words long to be written by a skilled writer. This is their intermediate tier.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

We place their trust/reliability rating as medium low. We did receive the article that we ordered. So, we can fairly say that this is not a fraud or scam. However, we feel they are a bit misleading about what you will get for what you pay. For example, they advertise 700 word articles for as low as five dollars. Unfortunately, when we were researching this company we learned that these articles are extremely poorly written. Many comments indicated that these are not written by native English speaking writers.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

The quality of writing we received could be described as mediocre at best. There were a few spelling and grammar errors. Worse, the article just didn’t flow. It was as if it had been written by a high school student and not a skilled writer. We did reject the writing at first, and asked the writer to fix the issues that we had. Unfortunately, the revision we received was not much better. It’s difficult to get someone to understand where there are weak points in their writing when they simple aren’t a professional writer.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

For middle and lower tier skilled writers, prices are exceptionally low. This is not a good thing, as the low wages for writers result in some pretty low quality writing. We should note that the highest tier writers do command much higher payment. However, we would be wary of taking a chance given our experiences so far.

We looked for discounts on the website and were not able to find any. A search for coupon codes on other websites also left us empty handed. However, we should emphasize that the problem here is not with pricing. It is with quality writing and honest representation. This is not a problem that a promo code can fix.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

There aren’t many extras here. There is an introductory video that has fairly low production values. We also found a link to the company blog. It looks as if new posts are added about twice each month. On a positive note, the topics are interesting and the posts are well written. However, they are all about writing and seem to be aimed at the company’s writers rather than those purchasing content.

Overall, the website itself has some issues. It loads very slowly and is difficult to navigate on mobile. Simply put, it’s dated and needs some significant upgrades.

Concluding Comments

If you are a student, you can pretty much pass this one by because it’s simply not relevant to your needs. The same can be said for job seekers. If you are a business professional, we also recommend that you go elsewhere. You may pay a bit more money, but the writing quality will be infinitely better.

HireWriters Review

7 Customer Reviews of “”
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Jorja commented
I received my content on time, wish there were more visuals and they ignored my requirement to use keywords 2 times and more. I know some of them do not exactly stick with the topic but I wouldn't turn to a service if the work was easy. Overall, it's rather mediocre.
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Ava commented
I`ve worked with a few writing services as a student. And when I needed to make a text at work I decided to find a writing company. Unfortunately, this one was the first I saw. They took money but did nothing worthy. Their writer delivered a text which needed revision but he actually refused to do it. All in all, not recommended.
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
James commented
The quality was quite average. Nothing really disappointing and nothing impressive either. But they need to work on their customer service and usability. The website seems outdated, you cannot contact the writer directly and in general it`s not easy to communicate with the support team while you are having your paper written.
Comments (5)
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    REPLY Leo commented
    This was a disappointment for me. Even though I can't say something really negative about the writer or the resulting paper, but I always had the feeling like I needed them more that they needed me, you know?
  • User comment image
    REPLY Gavin commented
    Not the best service I`ve ever worked with. It`s really difficult to contact them when needed and when everything seems to be clear they keep calling and asking some questions.
  • User comment image
    REPLY Charlotte commented
    In no case will I order from HireWriters in the future. Poor quality, high price and very sloooow support service. Besides, I doubt that there are native speakers who work on papers.
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