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6 Hacks to Help You Survive College

Sometimes, when you are bogged down with stressful homework assignments and you are unable to find a minute of free time, it is hard to remember that college is something you should absolutely enjoy. It's true! Sure, you are supposed to work and study hard as well, but you should also have a great social life and enjoy new experiences as well. Sadly, we often receive emails other messages from students who are struggling to get through college, let alone enjoy themselves. This is why we've decided to put together this list of college survival tips. After all, we're not just the best college paper writing service. We also consider ourselves to be supporters of students who are struggling in any way.

1. Find Out Who Gives College Student Discounts

That student ID card in your wallet is more valuable than you think. If you live in a college town, restaurants, bars, laundromats, and other businesses will often give you a decent discount if you show your ID. If you love going to the movies, check with your local theater. They frequently offer the best discounts of all.

2. Learn to Cook

If you cook at least some of your own meals, you'll save quite a bit of money. Sure, you may not have access to an oven or stove, but you can do some amazing things with a microwave, hotpot, and slow cooker.

3. Find a Few Places to Study Outside of Your Dorm Room

Sometimes, when you have trouble concentrating, the best thing you can do is get a change of scenery. This is why it helps to have more than one study spot. You'll also establish some goodwill with your roommate if you can exit while they are entertaining guests.

4. Be Safe

Make sure that you have emergency contacts on your phone. If you live far from home, make sure that at least one of those contacts is somebody who lives locally. If you go to a club or a party, watch your drink and keep make an agreement with your friends to keep tabs on each other. Finally, don't hesitate to ask campus security for an escort if you feel unsafe.

5. Don't Forget to Get Help From Reputable Writing Services

Remember, if you check out college paper writing service reviews, you will find us at the top of many lists! You can also get help in your school's writing lab and even your instructors. Wherever you get help, don't wait too long. You don't want to risk failing a class or dropping your GPA.

6. Don't Blow Off The Campus Tour

The more familiar you are with the campus, the better off you will be. Your tour guide will likely show you a few off the beaten places that you may not learn about otherwise, such as rarely used computer labs and rarely used student lounges, which are great for taking a quick nap.

College is a great life experience. Do not miss your chance to enjoy due to shyness or lack of information!

Posted by Chris M., November 20, 2015