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MBA Admissions Essay Tips: How to Deal with This Type of Writing?

You could be in a bit of a panic right now. You might be in high school pouring over those essay prompts for your college application package, or could be graduating with a Bachelor’s and facing those personal statement essays for admission to that MBA program you are desperate to get into.

First Things First

Are you sure all of the qualifications for the school or program are met? If you’ve done the research and have been on the school’s website, then you should have a pretty good idea of the GPA needed, grades in specific courses that an admissions committee will be looking at, and you will have already gotten those test scores back that meet the school’s requirements.

If you’re good to go on all of these things, then you’re ready to tackle those pesky essays.

Will these essays be easy to write? The short answer is no. Accept that fact right now. But there are some tips that will help along, so read on and take some advice.

  1. Understand How Admissions Committees Operate

Here is one of the key college admission secrets that you want to understand right now. Admissions committees do not pour through your transcripts and look at the test scores anymore. They have digital software that does all of that. When your application gets to their little round table, they already know you have the academic background to meet their admission guidelines.

Here is what that committee will be looking at. First, they will be looking for proof of your engagement in co-curricular and/or community activities that show both well-roundedness and, especially in the case of MBA admissions, examples of leadership roles you have had.

And here’s a tip for that MBA admission letter that must accompany your application – point to those activities and leadership roles in that letter. This will save the committee from time pouring over your application packet to find them. After all, these committees are made up of humans, and they can be impressed when you ease their tasks.

  1. Take a Good, Hard, Long Look at Those Prompts

Whether you are looking at the prompts for the Common Application Essay or contemplating essay writing for MBA admission, you will have options to choose from. All of them are designed to gain some insight into who you are, what beliefs and principles you hold, and what experiences have helped to mold who you have become.

The best approach in essay topic selection is to carefully study what each prompt is asking and then to make a list of what to include if you choose that one. Think back upon experiences you have had, even from your childhood, that could relate to each prompt. How compelling, inspirational, or humorous might those experiences be to a reader?

Choose the option that will let you engage your reading audience the most.

  1. Read Samples of “Winning” University Admission Essays

These are all over the web. Simply Google “winning college admissions essays” or those specific to your program, such as “MBA admission essay samples.”

As you study these samples, see how you can use the tone and style in a similar way. For example, you may see an MBA admission essay format that is unique and creative. Can you use the same format for your own story?

Find at least one personal statement for MBA admission sample that you really like, and try to emulate its style and tone as you fashion your own essay.

  1. Be a Storyteller

Remember, you are telling your personal story. Keep that in mind when crafting your essay, and you will end up with an essay that will resonate. People love stories, and you do have one to tell. While you certainly must have a statement of purpose for MBA admissions essays, usually called a thesis statement, the body of the essay has to personal.

Are You Up for This?

You may not feel you are. But there are options. You can find help from a personal statement editor, from experts who have helped plenty of students craft their admissions and personal statement essays.

And here’s how to get this done.

  • First, understand that the personal information and detail of your story must be written up so that you can give it over to any writing help chosen. Professional writers are not mind readers. They need to have your information to work with.
  • Search freelance writing sites and look for writers with experience. Spend some time interviewing anyone under consideration and asking for samples of essays they have actually produced. Even then, it can be a bit of a “crapshoot.”
  • Look for online writing services that have specific departments devoted to admissions essays. And how to know they are really good at what they do? You don’t unless some digging is done, and that can take a lot of time.
  • Instead of doing the digging yourself, access a writing service review site. These operations make it their mission to do deep research and give objective and factual information to their site users. You can see which writing services are ranked highest in college admission essay writing service reviews, based on the experiences of actual customers.

Got Some Questions About College Admission Assistance?

Here are a few answers.

  1. Is college admission assistance really helpful?

Understand this. Your competition is probably getting some professional help. And their essays may have a polish and creativity that cannot be produced by students themselves. So, yes, getting some professional help will definitely be helpful.

  1. How much does college admissions assistance cost?

This depends on how much help is needed. There are pros out there who make a living working with students from the very beginning of their exploration process through the application process and the essay writing. This can be costly. What do you really need? If you have already decided on the college or programs to apply for, can you fill out the application yourself? Probably, yes. But if the application itself is complex and a bit overwhelming, then read essay writing service reviews and do get some help.

The costs will vary, depending on the amount of help needed. Just be certain you get the cost quote up front before signing on.

  1. Can someone just write my admission essay for me?

Yes, of course. Again, if you contract with someone to do this, you will have to spend a lot of time with that person, giving them the details that will tell your story. The writer will have questions; you will have the answers. Stay in close contact with your writer – this is a collaborative effort.

Don’t sit out there all on your own. Let us help you get the help you need!

Posted by Chris M., September 23, 2020