Deal With College Stress Using These Solid Tips

It’s going to happen – count on it. Sometimes it builds up slowly; sometimes, it comes quickly when final exams hit for the first time. However, and whenever it happens, the stress in college is going to happen. If you are wondering how to be stress-free, wonder no more. You can’t be. You can, however, learn some basic tips for destroying it when it does come.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the key factors in college stress is too much work piling up all at one time. At the beginning of each semester, you get a course syllabus for a good reason. Your professors want you to know what is due when. Inevitably, they all have papers due at the same time, as well as mid-terms and finals. This can be a “killer” for you if you put stuff off. All of a sudden, you have 3 papers due in a week and haven’t started. If you are wondering how to destroy stress that comes from these situations, there really are only two ways:

  • Get yourself organized at the beginning of the semester and calendar your assignments so that you do them over time. Pick your easiest paper first – it will encourage you to go on to the next.
  • Find an excellent academic writing service and order some of those papers. Pick those that are for courses not in your major field of study that really won’t matter later on.

Get Enough Sleep

Of course, this is easier said than done. Lack of sleep comes with the “territory” of being in college, especially if you have a really active social life. Find times for naps, however, and you will be grateful later on. If you know that you are going to be pulling an “all-nighter” to study for an exam, then get a nap early in the afternoon. And if it is finals week, find times when you can grab an hour of sleep or so during the daytimes. Your body and mind will both thank you.

Eat Better During Times of Stress

It’s so easy to stock up on chips and candy bars – so you can snack while you bang out those papers. And that is fine, as long as you are eating correctly during meal times. But usually, you are not. So, consider some different kinds of snacks – dry roasted nuts (they are absolutely addictive), granola bars, and beef jerky. These will give you long-term energy and won’t pile on any fat.

Find Some Humor

Whether it is pranking your roommate or watching hysterical YouTube videos, getting in a good laugh or two is one of the keys in how to free stress from yourself, at least temporarily. People who have a good sense of humor and who share that humor with others tend to be far less stressed than those for whom everything is just always serious

Get Physical Exercise

If you are seriously asking, “How can I be stress-free?” remember that the answer is you cannot. But you can deal with it in healthy ways so that it has little to no impact on you. One of these is to get physically active in any way you can. Bicycle, jog, play basketball or volleyball; go to the campus gym and get a serious workout in. Even if you do 30-minutes of brisk walking with your iPod in, you will be amazed how much brighter your “world” will look to you. And you will sleep better too.

Get in Some “ME” Time

Being around friends, partying, and studying hard is all a part of college life. But it is also good to have some alone time, to just reflect and think about all of the positive things in your life right now. Go to a coffee shop all by yourself, turn off your phone, and just sit with a beverage. Or to a zoo if there is one in your town, and just watch the animals. And if you have time in your room or apartment when your roommates are gone, all the better. Read a book, keep a journal, or try some meditation techniques.

Ask for Help if You are Overwhelmed

Every campus has a health center. There are counselors there you can talk to, openly and freely. They can give you even more tips than you have here, as well as a good listening ear. Sometimes, just verbally getting out what is really causing you stress in a stress-reducer in itself.

Stress is not just a factor of college life. It is a factor of life long after college is behind you. The things you do now to relieve it are good habits to form – they will help you for a lifetime.

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