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Best Proofreading Software Recommended for Students

One may find themselves in a dire need of the best proofreading software as the modern world requires fast and efficient information processing and cases such as editing a long business proposal in French. It is important to give a preference to a service that proved to be efficient and reliable as even though software tools cannot replace human experts, life may become much easier with modern technologies’ applications.

Best Proofreading Tools and Editing Software

Developing recommendations based on real-life experience rather than on-surface review resulted in our desire to find the best websites for affordable proofreading services online. Software solutions that provided the most effective results were immediately included in our best proofreading apps list. We also considered different audiences’ needs: from students that desperately look for adequate plagiarism checkers integrated into proofreading tools to business owners who work on complex projects. Fortunately, there are options that are suitable for everybody.


Arguably the best proofreading service on the market and definitely one of the most popular ones. Even the best research paper proofreading services use this solution along with hiring proficient linguists so that the best possible result is ensured. Suggested services include eliminating errors in separate texts such as articles or books, browsers, social media messengers, and more useful tools such as plagiarism checkers and stylistic suggestions. 

Available platforms: Windows/Mac desktop app, browsers’ extensions, word processors add-in. 

Prices: Free version / $144 annually / $60 quarterly / $30 monthly / Business option with minimum 3 members and $12.5 monthly payment per member.

Pros: Useful free version, a solution that is suitable for many different purposes, ease of use, and integration with other common tools. 

Cons: Only English is available, limited website editor function, incomplete beta version integrated with Google Docs.

Hemingway App

Unusual proofreading app that writers and copywriters may approve as it helps a person change writing style and eliminate redundant wordiness, passive voice use, or incomprehensible long sentences. Writing style becomes clear and precise, just like the one we love in “The Old Man and the Sea” and other masterpieces.

Available platforms: Web version and Windows/Mac desktop app.

Prices: Online version comes for free and desktop app requires a one-time purchase that costs $19.99. 

Pros: Effective feedback that really works in terms of improving writing style, affordable price, innovative approach to suggestions. 

Cons: Platforms are not interchangeable; you need to buy separate apps for different operating systems, it is not for fixing spelling issues.


This solution is more than simple online proofreading software for Windows as one may get not only proofread text for free but also get grammar check, suggestions in terms of writing style and structure, and check whether content is plagiarized. These options make PaperRater especially useful for students

Available platforms: Web-based service.

Prices: Free version / $71.55 annually / $11.21 monthly.

Pros: Considerable number of options included in free version, affordable price, free although limited plagiarism checking tool.

Cons: Outdated interface, multiple ads, significant limits on word count checking in premium version.


Quite decent proofreading program that eliminates multiple grammar as well as spelling errors in texts using AI-based technology and complex algorithms. You may also utilize integrated plagiarism checking tools and machine translation solutions. 

Available platforms: MS Office integration, all web browsers, both Windows and macOS.

Prices: $5 per month for Web version, $6.66, and $11.5 per month for premium and business solutions respectively that both provide desktop app but offer different services’ packages.

Pros: Good solution for developing more effective SEO content, multiple embedded options, innovative technologies.

Cons: Absence of free version, only yearly billings.


No proofreading tool, even the most sophisticated one, can compete with a writing expert who obtained a Master’s or Ph.D. degree and dedicated years to writing and editing multiple texts. Our best essay writing service review helps to locate linguists who can not only fix spelling issues in provided text but improve its readability and overall effectiveness by applying stylistic and structural changes.

Available platforms: Web-based service.

Prices: Proofreading tasks’ prices start from $4.99 per page (275 words). 

Pros: The most effective combination of human experts who also utilize modern software solutions if needed and provide the highest possible quality of work. 

Cons: Every new text requires ordering assistance separately.

What Is Proofreading Software?

We do live in an impressive and extremely fast developing world as nowadays words Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer so uncommon. While technologies cannot replace human professionals in many aspects including proofreading programs, technological progress allows simple spellcheckers to become the past. These tools just review each word one inserts and compare them with an embedded database.

Modern software solutions introduced AI-based proofreading techniques that allow checking grammar and suggest stylistic changes based on the entire context. Every day adds more complex algorithms so that software developers make proofreading and editing app behave as if it is studying and obtaining new tricks.

Types of Proofreading Tools

Modern digital environment suggests not only new impressive solutions we could not think of just a decade ago but also makes our life convenient by allowing us to use tools in the way we need.

  • Online Tools. They range from specific websites to proofreading software free or provided on a paid basis. Usually, all that you need to do is to copy your text and insert it in a relevant box on the website; they are mostly free of charge. Do you know what else goes for free? Low quality and remaining grammar as well as stylistic issues in checked text.

  • Web Browser Extensions. This category is pretty self-explanatory, they make our writing experience in Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox easier and save us from silly typos in fast written conversations in social networks or official business letter you compose in Gmail. 

  • Desktop Apps for Windows or Mac. Another convenient option for those who do not mind taking a laptop everywhere and working on the go. The best proofreading software for Mac or Windows-operated laptops will come in handy in many cases starting from rough draft’s full automatic proofreading to hunting small typos you overlooked when someone distracted you in a café.

  • Mobile Apps. You may think that editing app on a smartphone is not a very convenient option but there are people who use mobile word processors, which are pretty convenient on tablets. So there are many cases when mobile apps turn out to be extremely useful which is proved by many college essay proofreading services users.

  • MS Word Add-ons. This is an option that should be installed on every writer or editor’s computer. This just goes without saying. Hiring the best online proofreading service will definitely fix any language issues in the completed text but sometimes there is no time to wait, especially during ongoing business communication. Language and grammar issues should be fixed as much as possible in all situations involving work with texts.

What Should We Expect in the Future?

Even the best proofreading website may not complete the required job completely without any flaws, especially when a complex or ambiguous text is under review. Only human editors with perfect knowledge skills will do 100% accurate jobs that AI-based software will not handle properly. Hiring experts will always be beneficial for your text whether it is a dissertation or book awaiting first publication. Though utilizing both options given the development of proofreading software is the most sensible approach.


What software do professional proofreaders use?

One may come across a lot of recommendations and available options that many people use based on their specific needs or personal preferences. Majority of professionals we’ve met were using proofreading and editing software like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. 

Is there anything better than Grammarly?

We are strongly convinced that better than Grammarly could be only updated Grammarly. Jokes aside, different proofreading software solutions are dedicated to solving different tasks, though Grammarly is indeed a good all-around option. 

What is the best proofreading software on Reddit?

People suggest many proofreading tools, Grammarly Premium is one of them. Though the best idea we came across was to proofread the text yourself as an author or best essay writing service on Reddit is the best editing tool’s embodiment. We cannot but agree with this statement.

Posted by Chris M., October 01, 2020