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Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It and What Are the Alternatives?

You’ve finished writing your paper. All you want to do is turn it in, and get back to your latest Netflix binge. We can relate, but working isn`t done just yet. There’s still the matter of proofreading. That’s the last step you take to review your paper for any mistakes or inconsistencies before submitting it. This isn't a huge undertaking, but it is hugely important. Think of it like that last mirror check before going out on a date. Make sure your paper is on fleek before you turn it in for a grade.

You can do this work on your own, or you can try any number of proofreading programs to help to get the job done. Programs such as Proofread Anywhere can supposedly help you clean up your writing, but are they really useful. If you want to know ‘Is Proofread Anywhere worth it?’ and “How much does Proofread Anywhere cost?” keep reading.

What Are Online Tools?

Automated proofreading can be done through a proofreading app, desktop program, website, or plugin. Basically, these tools ‘read’ your paper, then explain what needs to be fixed. You may have heard of Proofread Anywhere. You’ve almost certainly heard of Grammarly. If you use Google Docs, you can dig through their library of plugins for free essay proofreading software.

Are There Disadvantages to Using Software?

No lie. There are some risks to using software. First, you could be unlucky enough to find one that’s a total scam. Be on the lookout for negative reviews in Google Play or the App Store. The last thing you want is to download something that starts spamming you. Of course, you can Google ‘proofread anywhere complaints’ or something like that to see if other students have had a bad experience. Reddit is also a great source of really honest information for students on stuff like this. They can find the best essay writing service on Reddit and much more.

What about the BBB? Truthfully, meh. Companies can totally buy memberships, even if they aren’t very honest. Also, a lot of the complaints there are really bogus. You’re better off doing your own research.

Unfortunately, we aren’t done talking about potential bad stuff yet. When using a proofreading tool, you’re giving whoever made that tool access to something you’ve written. They could steal that content and sell it. That sucks, and you could be the one left looking like you plagiarized. It’s a whole thing. Also, if the tool isn’t secure, it could open you up to hackers. If you find a proofreading app, make sure you choose a login that isn’t easy to hack.

Okay, one last thing. We promise. What if the proofreading software just doesn’t work that well? What if you think your paper is great, but it’s still full of errors? It’s tough because the English language is confusing! Sometimes machines just don’t understand.

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Are There Benefits to Proofreading Programs?

There are definitely good reasons to use an essay or resume proofread app. Think of it like one more tool that you have to catch as many mistakes as possible. These aren’t made to ensure that you don’t have to double check your papers yourself, but they help catch things that you might miss. Think of it this way. If you’re taking an online course, these tools can help you polish your papers, and get a better grade.

Are There Trustworthy Proofreading Companies?

Now, you know that it`s possible to use software to proofread documents. But if you need proofreading help, there’s another option to consider. There are websites that offer college essay proofreading services. These are paid services where professionals read your paper and fix errors that they find. Of course, you have to be sure you find companies that can be trusted to do the job right.

Want to find the best websites for affordable proofreading services online? Take the following steps:

  • Take a look around the website. Is it professionally designed, and easy to navigate? Have they included useful content such as a blog?
  • Compare prices to other companies. Costs should be fair but reasonable. Be careful if found a really low price. It may be a trap. A discount code is cool though. That shows they care about your business.
  • Read online reviews from both students and professionals.
  • Look for samples.
  • Read the fine print, so you know exactly what to expect!

If you think about it, a college course cost is quite high. Sometimes, it’s worth it to have a professionals, for example at the best research paper proofreading services, to proofread the work. It could just save your grade!

Posted by Chris M., October 01, 2020