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Why Should Parents Help with Homework?

The thought of parents doing children’s homework conjures up some pretty negative imagery. We picture helicopter parents with children who are unable to navigate any life crisis, let alone academics. Still, it’s hard to determine where to draw the line. Parents shouldn’t do homework, but should they step away from giving any kind of assistance? Here are some tips for figuring out just how much homework help you should give your child.

At What Ages Should Parents Continue to Help with School Work

It’s perfectly fine for a parent to provide some homework support, even through college. However, the help they provide should change as their child gets older. Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Early Grades: Parents review assignment sheets with a child. Sit nearby while the child does homework. Provide guidance when the child struggles. Review answers.
  • Middle School and High School: Provide a quiet place to study. Ensure the child has access to the resources they need. Offer suggestions for research sources. Help with the organization where needed.
  • College and Beyond: Encourage good habits. Check in with students about their progress. Ask if they need assistance. Advise them on homework resources.

When Should Parents Avoid Helping Kids with Homework?

Should parents help high school students with homework? Aren't they too old for that? What about college students?

It isn’t that helping is bad. The problem is that too many parents provide the wrong kind of help. They tend to provide answers rather than encouraging kids to develop the right skills. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Doing the work for them.
  • Offering help before they ask.
  • Judging or getting angry when they don’t perform as expected.
  • Rescuing them rather than allowing them to realize the consequences of bad habits.

A Different Approach to Helping Students with Homework

Many parents ask: “how do I help my child with homework?” The good news is that there are ways to help that can really aid your student in developing some great habits. Remember that the point of learning is to develop critical thinking skills and good habits.

  • Don’t hover. Constantly reminding them of deadlines is unhelpful.
  • Let them fail small things. One bad grade can be a real learning experience.
  • Allow them to set the pace. Wait for them to ask for help. Don’t impose it.
  • Show that you value learning.
  • Give them resources to improve study habits and understand subjects better.

One thing that you can do that is so important is to instill a good attitude about homework. When your child asks why kids should have homework, remind them of the following points:

  • Homework helps ensure they remember what they are taught.
  • It encourages them to create a schedule and stick to it.
  • By doing homework, they take ownership of their education.

Homework Resources and Tools

If your kid is struggling with homework, point them in the right direction. Remind them that there are tools and resources for them. These include student writing centers, teacher’s assistants, and online study groups. Among technological options, there are note taking and other homework helper apps for you and online summaries and notes. Also, you can always turn to websites where someone helps do your homework.

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Posted by Diana B., November 23, 2020