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Study Skills for High School Students – Get Your Parents and Teachers Off Your Back!

Grades are slipping. Homework assignments have been missed. Your teachers are calling or emailing your parents about your “failures.” Now you’ve been grounded until those grades come back up, and, worse, they have also taken your game system away during the week. Instead of packing your bags and leaving home, look carefully at this list of study tips for high school students, and then show them to your parents. They will be impressed and be willing to make deals with you that will get back some of your privileges you just lost. The key, though? You have to live up to your end of the bargain. So, here it goes.

Get a Schedule Down in Writing

Your schedule should include between 3 – 3 ½ hours each night of the week, and 4-5 hours divided between the two weekend days. Write down each course you have that requires homework and study, and divide up the time according to the difficulty of the course. If, for example, you struggle with math, then give yourself more time for that subject. If history is a breeze, give it less time.

Part of developing good high school study skills is knowing which courses will take more time and work. And be a bit flexible. You may have a big test coming up and no homework in one or more of your classes on any given night. Use the extra time to work on the long-range stuff – a book you have to read or a term paper that will be due in a month.

Show your schedule to your parents – they might be impressed. Then, follow that schedule. They’ll be more impressed.

Study in 20-minute Chunks at First

If you are not used to studying for long periods of time, you have to work up to this gradually. Focus for 20 minutes, then stop, sit and relax, eat a snack, and then go back to it. Gradually, you will work up so that you can spend an hour of focused time between breaks. That’s when the really good stuff starts to happen!

Reward Yourself

This part involves your parents. When you finish a tough assignment or all of the homework for a tough class, show it to your parents and ask if you can have 20 minutes of gaming or time on Facebook before you get back to it. You will work harder and be far more focused if you know there is a reward coming at the end.

Get an Assignment Notebook

A huge part of good study habits for high school is writing down every assignment every day. There are great assignment notebooks sold everywhere, so get one now. Yes, it’s a pain, but if you do this faithfully every day, your parents are not going to get those emails anymore about missing homework. They will be happier, and happy parents mean more privileges to get returned.

Location, Location, Location

Here’s the weird thing about your brain. If you have one place to study every single day/evening, your brain will get the message. When you sit down in this one spot, the brain goes into “focus and work” mode. And if you work sitting up at a table or desk, and that is the same physical position when you have to take a test, your brain kicks into gear there too.

Learning how to study in high school, by using these simple tips, will keep peace in your home and ensure that you get to go to those games and parties or just hang out with your friends more. You’ll also get your game system back. And these habits will go with you to college if that is your plan.

Speaking of College

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Posted by Diana B., September 11, 2015