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Ideas for Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

The devil is in the detail, that's why decorations are crucial for every Halloween party. We have gathered a list of easy decorations, which you can make by yourself without spending a lot of money. You can also use it as a starting point for your own ideas.

1.       To make these handmade lamps you will need some cans, hammer, nails and paint. And of course imagination to make something special.


2.       Another great idea will be floating witch’s hat luminaries. It is super easy to make and looks very impressive.

witch costume

3.       Very easy Halloween decorations are pumpkin-cats. Carve the eyes, make ears and put a candle to light it out. And don’t forget to paint it black.

pumpkin design

4.       This DIY Halloween decorations will impress anyone at your party! It is simple, yet fascinating. And it will only take you a few minutes to make a ghost like this.

Halloween Ghost

5.       Buy some plastic cups of different colors, draw faces on them and put LED tealights inside. DON’T use real candles!


6.       You can make basically the same with paper bags. Once again, use only LED tealights!

Paper bag lightnings

7.       Flying bats will be great handmade Halloween decorations. Add them to your walls for a spooky effect.

Halloween Bat

8.       You can turn your whole house into a jack-o-lantern. Put a paper made “face” on one of the windows and that’s pretty all.


9.       Edgar Allan Poe made ravens one of the most scary things in the world. Decorate your house with dozens of ravens and of course pumpkins.

Ravens for Halloween

10.   Buy some spider webs, candelabra and add a few of bats or other scary animals.

Spider web

11.   To make these ghosts you will need to snap a light stick and put it in the balloon. Then draw a face on it and voila.

Ghosts for Halloween

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