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While doing some digging on the online world, we managed to stumble across, a writing service that seems to offer multiple academic services. So, we thought it would be a good time to write a review and take a look at the pros & cons associated. Several negative customer reviews grabbed our attention, and doing some research on the platform became our priority. With that being said, the following paragraphs have BestDissertation reviewed and will show you how the site is not the most reliable alternative.

Review Criteria

There are certain aspects that a writing platform needs to follow for us to consider it good. For instance, we care a lot about the content that not only they provide the customers with, but they also have on their official website and blog. Writing quality is an important consideration. We care about whether professional writers are taking care of the job and if they can deliver the papers on time.

The reviews they get must be mostly positive on sites the company cannot control. Other than that, we take a look at whether the service is overpriced or is priced suspiciously low.

Factor 1. Types of Writing Services Offered has a lot of services. For different academic levels, they can offer essays, term papers, book reviews, coursework, thesis, dissertation, and multiple other types of written content. Besides, they don’t only write content from scratch. What they also do is help with formatting, proofreading, and editing. In this regard, they seem to cover many things, which can be useful to the student.

Factor 2. Reliability

Best Dissertation has a section where you can see a testimonial from various alleged clients. As expected, the reviews are positive ones, and it’s hard to believe they are legit. There’s no way to check if they are real, and when you look on other websites that are not under the control of the company, you see a different story. It’s easy to discover that the site has a bad rating, and the review from each past customer shows a different story than the testimonials on the homepage.

Despite their positive advertising, there are some other reliability issues with this company. You cannot choose your preferred writer, meaning you never know who the person behind the screen is. Without being able to talk to the writer in advance and ask for proof of their studies that qualify for the job, many people ended up getting terrible papers sent later than the specified deadline. Also, we could make complaints about the fact that you don’t get unlimited free revisions either. If you receive a bad paper, you can only live with it if the first revisions didn’t fix the biggest issues, and the work is still very bad.

We also noticed that the form on the homepage is not too reliable. It doesn’t calculate the right cost. The form only lets you pick your assignment type, deadline, and the number of pages, as well as whether you’re a new customer to get a discount. But when you try to proceed, you will find other aspects, such as the academic level, which changes the price you initially see. It’s easy to be fooled by the initial prices, which may be higher than what you expect.

Factor 3. Level of Quality

The reputation of the site is a bad one, mainly because their work lacks in quality. After analyzing the paper quality, we were able to determine that the writing is not worth the price. Since you don’t even have control over who your writer is going to be, you may end up with someone inexperienced, either in the English language or the particular subject of the essay.

The grammar was lackluster. It was clear to us that many writers are not fluent in the English language, and this could lead to a very badly written paper and a low grade for the buyer.

On top of that, the structure is sometimes not even followed properly, despite the customer offering a detailed list of instructions to the writer. Little knowledge is possessed by the writers when it comes to the type of paper they have to write, and this makes the website hard to trust. 

Factor 4. Pricing and Payment Options

Pricing is a little too high, and despite there being discounts for those who are just placing their first order, you’d still have to pay too much if you want something more advanced. If you want to get higher quality writing, then you will have to order a certain level for your paper. The three available are standard level, advanced level, and premium level. Premium level is the one supposed to hold the highest quality, and the price per page would be $23.95 for a 10-day deadline. The standard one doesn’t have certain features, such as an advanced plagiarism check.

Depending on the number of pages, you could also use coupon codes. However, a promo code would only apply if you make a bigger order of at least 15 pages, which would still be expensive. A silver discount will be 5% of the total price. For the gold discount, you need to order between 51 and 100 pages, and you get 10% off your order. The highest one is the platinum discount, which is 15% off the order but requires you to order at least 101 pages.

There are also very few payment methods.

Additional Information

The company allows you to ask for a refund if you are dissatisfied with the work but encourages you to ask for a revision first. You have to ask for a refund within 3 days after the order completion, though, so it’s hard to say how refunds would be possible since a revision may take longer.

Also, the company states that a few free services are offered. These include a title page, bibliography, outline, amendments, and formatting.


We didn’t find this platform to be of such good quality. Even though it is not a scam, their academic papers lack the depth you’d expect from a prestigious writing company, and the English grammar level leaves much to desire. The BestDissertation reviews were mostly bad. Reddit posts didn’t say anything good about the website either, and we didn’t find any BBB affiliation for the site. In the end, there are better sites out there that are safe and trustworthy.


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