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CheapestEssay Review for Students: Know Who You Hire

We have you to thank for this CheapestEssay review because you inspired it. Students give us their requests and we follow them, looking to form a list with top 10 essay writing services that offer the best terms. CheapestEssay has a very attractive name that draws many clients in. It’s been around since 2014, which makes it an experienced service provider. Also it has 600+ writers from all over the world. We had some questions about its site because it has content that was obviously written by someone who doesn’t know English. Check this example: “Engulfing in the splash of your college assignments? Get a grip of our support, leave all your academic headaches with us. Whenever you have an assignment urgency…” That’s three sentences in a row that make little sense. They sound awkward and use incorrect constructions. But the company has mostly positive reviews, so we were excited to give it a try.

Writing Cheapest Essay Review: How It Starts

Before making a judgement and share our findings with TopWritersReview’s visitors, we perform a lengthy evaluation by following the outlined standards. They are set in stone, so if a company isn’t doing good enough in one or more categories, we are going to note it down. Each our member analyzes its site, studies its background, chats with operators or writers, participates in placing an order and reads policies. Then we look at the results, assess separate categories as well as the agency’s overall performance. Discussions and joint analysis help us stay rational and give fair ratings to academic firms that we test.

What Services Could You Order?

For starting this review, our team studied a range of available writing services. From the first seconds, we were disappointed because this company’s website seems to have many flaws, including those of technical nature. When you click on “services,” you don’t see anything but a blank box. You cannot type your search request there either, so it seems to be broken. Order box won’t show you anything as well. The only solution is to look over the website and grab some bits here and there. Luckily for you, we’ve already done it. Clients of CheapestEssay could order the following:

  • Essay writing. The company specializes in different kinds of papers. All typical options are present, so students could pick research, reflection, personal writing, analysis, review, bibliographies, etc.
  • Coursework. does tasks in Q & A format, solves Math problems, plus it might do your dashboard assignment.
  • Dissertation. Some agencies are wary of offering this type of service, but not CheapestEssay. Its writers have enough knowledge to throw themselves into intense research, crafting a large project based on your instructions.
  • Revision. Whether students would like to revise a paper they got from this company or their own work, they could do it.

Our team wasn’t fully happy with CheapestEssay after analysis of its services. It really needs to repair its website, and students should be able to see what options they could order without having to look all over the site. Perhaps there are more writing services than what we’ve discussed, but were unable to find info on them.

Should You Trust Cheapest Essay Reviews?

CheapestEssay has an average amount of reviews, and most of them are positive. We checked everything we could find, and discovered something unpleasantly shocking. Every. Single. Positive review was fake. How do we know that? It’s easy: real reviewers will never use marketing key words in their comments. Positive feedback on CheapestEssay consists of these words entirely. On the other hand, negative CheapestEssay reviews are clearly genuine because most of them offer screenshots as proof. Check TrustPilot and you’ll see it yourself. Management seemingly replies to every review, but like with everything so far, it turned out to be scam. Replies are copy-pasted, demanding proof even when a reviewer has already uploaded it. Such lack of care and deceiving tactics made our opinion strictly negative.

CheapestEssay reviews

From better things — and this is something no reviews of CheapestEssay mentioned, the company’s policies are transparent. They are written in simple English and outline all relevant details. But it doesn’t mean we liked them. Some of them are outrageous, like revision policy. If your writer let you down, you might ask them to improve their paper, but it’ll happen within 15 days after your request. Students don’t have as much time, they usually follow tight deadlines.

What Quality Could Students Count On?

While good reviews are misleading, we wanted to see what quality the site offers personally. We placed an order in Literature, giving our writer a lengthy deadline. Interestingly, this writer had their photo posted in their profile, but when our team checked it via Google, we found that it’s a stock model. This made us skeptical about this firm even more. As we waited, we checked the samples, and finally, got a great surprise. Only several free essays were present, but the ones we read had excellent quality. They were grammatically sound and provided interesting ideas.

Our paper arrived on time — TopWritersReview appreciated this fact. But alas, the quality was terrible. This writer made tons of mistakes and didn’t follow our prompt at all. Their analysis was weak and they had zero correct citations. We were angry and asked for revision. A week later, the paper returned, but it was just as bad. We demanded refund after this, and after endless discussions and arguments, we got 5% back. This is offensive.

How Supportive Are Operators & Managers?

We liked operators’ work. These people didn’t know English well, but they answered messages quickly and tried their best to give us a hand. Managers, on the other hand, had different names but could be the same person. They sent us one message per day and never followed it up, we had to connect with someone else every time.

How Much Would You Have to Pay?

One of the most important moments of our review of Cheapest Essay is prices. Who would have thought, this firm actually offers cheap services! Its name doesn’t lie, which is refreshing. One page costs around $9, and with discounts, it could drop even more. This is well below average market prices.

What Else Should You Know?

CheapestEssay technically has freebies. Why technically? Because these things are a basic minimum anyone expects when they hire a writer. As an example, these so-called freebies include good quality, safe payment methods, anonymity, no hidden charges, etc. We found it ridiculous. From better aspects, there is free plagiarism checker. You don’t have to be a client to use it.

CheapestEssay plagiarism checker

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Now is time to wrap our findings up. Let’s make a list with major pros & cons we uncovered. It’ll refresh your memory.


  • Sweet operators. They try to help ASAP.
  • Cheap prices. Smallest price is $9 per page.
  • Good samples. Free papers have high quality.


  • Fake positive reviews of Cheapest Essay. The company wrote them all.
  • Bad website. Broken links, grammatically incorrect sentences, and inconsistencies. In one place, the firm claims that it works from Ohio. In another, it says that it’s located outside the US.
  • Terrible quality. Papers don’t meet any requirements.
  • Lies everywhere. Writers have fake photos; refunds are impossible to earn; managers pretend to care but do nothing to help.

Trust Real Reviews

After our experience, we can say that CheapestEssay isn’t one of the best proofreading websites or writing platforms, putting it mildly. It has fake info everywhere, its quality is awful, and its site doesn’t work properly. We give it 3 starts just out of respect for operators and effective samples. If you need quality help, you won’t find it here!




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avatar Ricky


These guys are not as affordable as they say but at least their papers dont need much fixing after wards

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Remi Cruz

Your essay wasn’t good

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The customer service does not know how to approach customers... With such an attitude you will soon be without customers

avatar Monica


confused with the ordering process

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Corinne Oneil

I'll be honest with the writers here, content writing ain't your thing

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